Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Years Banded

I really wanted to ignore that today is my 3 year anniversary of having the lap band, but there is just no point in having blog if I can't even be honest with myself. Even though I detest the scales, I decided that I really should weigh myself today to find out how I am tracking 3 years out from having lap band surgery. I stepped on the scales and silently begged them to 'please be under 85 kilos', but my prayers were not answered and I was faced with a rather harsh number. I am currently 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs).

Let me put this is perspective for you...

Start weight: 129.7 kilos (285.5 lbs) May 2009
Lowest weight* 73.3 kilos (161 lbs) April 2011
Current weight 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs) May 2012

Oh dear... no wonder my clothes don't fit and my face looks like a puffer fish.

OK, so I am not going to get into the why did this happen because I have written about that enough (bingeing, anxiety, self-hatred etc) and I need to move on. I need to start over and remember what it is to work hard and not give into every urge I have to eat chocolate and sit on the couch when I should be at the gym.

I am starting fresh at my current weight and not resting on my laurels from my previous weight loss. I can't keep congratulating myself on how far I have come because 'at least you don't weigh 130 kilos anymore'. So my goal is to lose between 10 -15 kilos by the 1st December 2012, which is about 27 weeks away. That is not easy, but achieveable if I work hard.

Happy: lose 10 kilos by December 1st 2012 (weigh in at 77.5 kilos)
Extremely happy: lose 12.5 kilos by December 1st 2012 (weigh in at 75 kilos)
Beyond ecstatic: lose 15 kilos by December 1st 2012 (weigh in at 72.5 kilos)

Me at my happy weight of about 78 kilos (171.5 lbs) in December 2010

Me at my unhappy weight of 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs) photo taken today (under horrific fluro lighting)

*I have listed my lowest weight as 73.3 kilos (161 lbs) and technically it was for about one second after I follwed a crazy low carb diet. I really don't count that as a 'real' weight and I would say that my 'normal' low weight was 77.5 kilos (170.5 lbs).

1 Year Band Anniversary
2 Year Band Anniversary


  1. I'm almost at 3 years and in a similar place.I'm higher than my lowest, but still significantly under my highest.
    I kind of had the same revelation recently. I'm kind of tired of being this weight now. I want to finish what I started.
    I can't wait to see how you do, hopefully I'll be right behind you. Happy anniversary.

  2. Happy 3! May the coming year, be the best one ever!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!