Friday, May 25, 2012

Final 15

Earlier this week I mustered up the courage to haul myself onto the scales for the 3 year anniversary of my lap band. It wasn't a pretty sight. I now have renewed determination to get back to my losing ways and lose these final 15 kilos. Even more so now that I have squeezed myself into my jeans for casual Friday today. Oh the pain.

So I am going back into weight loss mode, which involves weekly weigh ins (no matter how much I hate them) and all sorts of other boring things like exercise and lettuce. I plan to weigh myself every week and be accountable to this little blog... until I start steadily gaining weight again and pretending that this post never happened. Just feel free to play along and not remind me if that happens...

I even came up with a nifty name for this new focus-- Final 15, and I made a page to keep track of my weigh ins. When I am weighing myself I normally do it on a Friday because I am bound to be at my lightest weight for the week before my weekend wine time. So, here is my first weigh in...

Start wight: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Today's weight:  86.6 kilos (190.5 lbs)
Difference: -900 grams (2 lbs)

Woo hoo, off to a good start!



  1. I found your blog AGES ago, and then somehow never returned to it. Just today I found it again, and I am so happy I did! :-) You are my inspiration! You are a REAL bandster. I am sick adn tired of reading blogs about these perfect people who do everythign s perfectly. You are not perfect, but you are awesome!

    You weight exactly what I want to right now. You look great (regardless of your struggles). You are doing so well, and also living your life. If life was all rainbows and unicorn farts, no one would gain and we'd all be happy size 8's. Instead, you are no longer 129kg, and looking beautiful.

    Chin up, and know that you come come a loooong way. I remember that the last blg I read of yours was when your goal was to get under 100kg. Well you did it!!

    Perspective, hey? :-)

  2. p.s I started blogging a year before I got my band at . I finally got my band on the 24th of Jan 2012 and my first major goal is to be 86kg.

  3. Good on you Tully! Look forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Great Job!! Love the renewal plan!

  5. Tully - you've totally inspired me!! I am in the same place as you and I really want to get these last 15 off too. Let's do it together (across the globe).

  6. I have exactly 15 to go too! We can do it!


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