Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exercise Motivation

I won't start moaning about how much I detest exercise again because it is probably a de-motivator for anyone reading! I will just say that I don't enjoy exercise, but I do it because I don't want to weigh 130 kilos again. Lately I have tried a new way to get my arse to the gym and it is mostly working. Instead of going to the gym to lose weight, I go to the gym to get fit. Revolutionary!

We all know that we can work hard at the gym and not see the results on the scales and get very disappointed. So now when I am convincing myself to go to the gym, I think of it in terms of the fitness and mobility it will give me. I remember a few recent occassions when I went on hikes and felt my fitness struggle. I remember when I was at my biggest and how I struggled to walk up one flight of stairs or walk further than a block without tiring. This motivates me to go to the gym and work out because I know if I do the work at the gym I will get the health and fitness rewards... and the scales can just fuck off.

Right now things are a little hard because I have hurt my back quite badly and I am limited in what I can do to exercise. I am seeing a physio 3 times a week and he is working on my new back problem (from awkwardly lifting a heavy box at work) as well as my old back problem (from being morbidly obese my entire life). This is a big non-scale victory for me because I have always been too embarrassed to seek help with my back because of my weight.

At the same time I am seeing a podiatrist who is helping me with my plantar fasciitis. I had a plaster cast made of my feet and custom orthotics were made to try and repair the damage to my feet. I spent many years being obese and working in retail jobs that involved being on my feet for at least 8 hours a day. Then I got the lap band and started working out excessively without the proper support. My podiatrist says both of these actions caused the damage equally. So with all these back and foot problems you can see I was never one of those 'fat and healthy' people.

So now I am faced with the challenge that I actually do want to work out and improve my fitness, but I am struggling to find an exercise that I can do without straining my back or putting pressure on my feet. I am not allowed to do pilates, the only exercise I enjoy, until I strengthen my back. Last week I very stupidly tried the rowing machine at the gym and then couldn't move for two days because I made my back so much worse. Any ideas???

Just for a little extra motivation I purchased myself some new runners online today. I realised I haven't bought new runners in almost four years! My old ones have been with me through thick and thin (literally) so I will be almost sad to see them go. Lucky I have these shiny new replacements to look forward to!
From Wiggle


  1. Swimming.

    Low impact, no impact on your feet at all, how much it affects your back would depend on the stroke.

    Don't use the togs excuse, swimming is great fun and no-one gives a shit what anyone else looks like.

  2. Yes, definately swimming. I think the best thing is to just keep doing what you can within the physical limitations you have at the moment & increase intensity as you can. There is no point going all gung ho & doing more damage to yourself - as frustrating as it is.

  3. I vote for swimming too, but in case that's not your cup of tea (or you don't have access to a pool etc!), then I'd suggest simply power walking, and also weight training. I LOVE body pump - its great for toning and shaping, but its also really important as we get older (ugh) and I get a real sense of twisted satisfaction from it :) Make sure you check with your dr/physio but it should be ok - it's low impact and will definitely help with core and back strength

  4. Swimming won't help you lose weight, but it is virtually zero impact (which is the point of hydrotherapy), great for lung capacity and will tone muscles from head to toe. And as a previous commenter said, no one at the lap pool gives a damn what you look like in swimmers.

    Failing that, I've found that stairs (not the stair machine, actual stairs) improves cardio fitness in leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

    LOVE the trainers!

  5. yeah - Body vive - love it, low impact. The runners are sensational!

  6. Back & feet injuries are so debilitating & not good for exercise mojo especially in the colder months :0(

    Cycling (if your back is ok with it) & if you can't swim, my mate used to make me walk laps in the pool when she was out injured......check with your physio?

    Totally agree the fitness mind set is more motivating than the scale thing. :0)

    Purty runners!!!!

  7. Cute shoes!
    As for workouts I was thinking cycling too, or going to the pool?

  8. I'm not sure if anon is correct. I don't think so at all actually. I know people who have lost weight swimming. In fact, my blogger friend can only do swimming because of her arthritis and she's lost weight. And my girlfriend is a lifeguard and swimming has toned up her body. Whatever you decide, best wishes with motivation :)

  9. the elliptical is good and also cycling. swimming is good, but i hate the whole swimsuit thing.

    i have recently started wearing a pedometer and i love it. helps me get in 10,000 steps a day when i otherwise might be a bit lazy.

    good luck with your back and feet!!!

  10. Swimming messes with the whole hair thingy ;p Love the runners - very pretty colour.

  11. awesome new runners- i have ordered from wiggle before and they were great

    i'm on my 2nd pair of nike free's, i love them after years carrying heavy asics, you won't know yourself and feel so much lighter on your feet


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