Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Winter Jacket Victory

Speaking of Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) I had another one this morning when getting dressed for work and realising I was wearing the same dress from this post. It reminded me that one of my biggest goals this winter was to successfully button up my size 16 Target winter jacket again.

AJ snapped the picture below one evening back in May on the tram after work which very cruelly demonstrated how much too small my jacket was for me. You can't tell from that angle, but my stomach kind of looked like a baby bump. So very embarrassing...

Now this is me this morning in the same dress and same jacket and the bottom button now completely buttons up. Not only that, the jacket is actually getting a bit big around my bust, back and shoulders. I guess that is a good thing seeing as spring starts this weekend!

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure if I have ever had a winter jacket that buttons up properly. I have spent every winter trying to fit back into a jacket that is too small and having to wear it open even when it is freezing cold. I really hope next winter I will be able to buy a winter jacket in a 'normal' size store and wear it comfortably for years to come!


  1. Been a while since I've actually read your blog but have caught up somewhat.

    Congratulations on fitting into that jacket. How great does it feel?

    I'm 9 weeks post sleeve and am constantly throwing out my old clothes. After wearing size 24 for a number of years, I can now wear some size 18 jeans that have been wedged into the back of my closet and even now they're starting to loosen up.

    I'm 18kg down so far, which I never would have achieved without surgery.

    Like you, I know I'll need surgery to get rid of the excess skin, so I'm slowly saving up for that, aiming to be done in 2-3 years time. I hope to reach my goal by the end of next year, all going well.

  2. CONGRATS! that's such an awesome feeling. I have gained a little bit from my lowest weight and just keep reminding myself how good I'll feel when I can (comfortably) fit back into the stuff I was wearing 5kgs ago!

  3. That is a fantastic NSV - you're doing great x

  4. Whoo hoo for the NSV-looking great!


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