Friday, November 16, 2012

Body Lift Surgery- Day 2

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Wednesday 7th November 2012

I was very slowly and carefully eating my breakfast of yoghurt and muesli when my surgeon came in to check up on me this morning. He was shocked by how well I looked and that I was managing to sit up a bit and feed myself. He said he had heard from the nurses that I was the star patient on the ward and was coping really well. This was exciting to hear because I have never been good at anything, now I just need to find a way to use my talent to make money, perhaps harvesting my organs?

The nurses continued to check up on me constantly and at one stage warned me that they would have to try and change my bed sheets today because I had been bleeding from my wounds. I still had very limited mobility at this stage so I was a little nervous about how this would work. It was quite a procedure with three nurses coming in to strategise the move. In the end two nurses rolled me to one side, while the other nurse changed half the bed. They then rolled me to the other side while the nurse changed the other half of the bed. Let me tell you, I had quite a few pumps of morphine after that!

After lunch my dad and two brothers came for a visit. My dad had taken a day off work and driven down from the country to check up on me. I felt really bad that everyone was coming in to visit me because it was really quite boring for them. It was nice for me to lay back and listen to them talking for a few hours, especially because all the TV channels were saturated by US election coverage and I was dying of boredom.
Me and my dad
I also received a lovely delivery of flowers from my work, which was very sweet. I feel so guilty for having this time off work and receiving the flowers intensified my guilt a little, but they were very pretty!

Flowers from my work
After AJ finished work he came in to the hospital for a visit. He was planning on taking a week off during my surgery, but due to the change in date he was unable to take any time off work because it was a busy period for him. It made no difference to me really because I was being well taken care of by the nurses but I think he felt a bit guilty.

I still hadn't been able to move out of bed at all and I had no idea what I looked like so I asked AJ to take a photo of me so that I could see. It is a bit of a freak out to see myself without the apron stomach hanging down, but I am still so bloated that it is hard to get an idea of what I will end up looking like!

Me flashing my hot new body for the camera
My dad and my brothers left in the early evening because my dad had a long drive home. AJ hung around for a little longer, but once again, he was so exhausted that I sent him home. It was the final of Big Brother so I was content watching TV and getting high on morphine for the rest of the night.

I had a similar sleep to the night before, the morphine would knock me out for short periods, but I was awake for a lot of the night. I kept frightening the night nurse half to death when she would come into my dark room to check on me and I would start talking away. She told me to request sleeping tablets for the next night because she was concerned my how little sleep I was getting. Despite the lack of sleep I felt relaxed and positive about everything... perhaps that was the morphine!

AJ and me

Day 3 to come...


  1. So happy to hear that you are doing so well. I was thinking of you all week and sending good vibes :)

    Can't wait to see the results.

  2. LOL i think the morphine turned you into a chatter box!!!!!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!