Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Body Lift Surgery- Day 7

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Monday 12th November 2012

After a big day of visitors and chatting yesterday I am a bit tuckered out and decide to spend the day in bed and rest. I feel fine when I am up and about, but I have noticed that the more I move, the more the swelling increases and then I get a bit sore later that night. So sometimes I do get a bit ahead of myself and I tend to I pay for it later.

Due to the way my skin has been stretched in the surgery I need to sit propped  up in bed with lots of pillows. So I spend the day in bed online shopping, planning my holiday to Thailand next year and catching up on blog reading. My mum is here with me while AJ is at work and she has been at my beck and call to bring me drinks and fluff my pillows. I really can't complain at all, it was a day of luxury and I feel very spoilt!

AJ came home from work early to see if I needed anything, but as you can see he wasn't that helpful...

Later that evening my brother and sister-in-law bring over my favourite creature, their dog Cosmo, for a snuggle. They live a two minute walk away from me so I am used to seeing him all the time and I missed him. Cosmo is still a (rather large) puppy and can be very boisterous, but he managed to be on his best behaviour and was very gentle with me.

Getting cuddles in bed

Me, my sister-in-law, my brother and Cosmo
I am feeling better and better every day right now. I am still feeling the same level of pain and discomfort, but I know I am through the worst of it, so I feel grateful that I am on the way up.  I can feel my flexibility and movement improving each day. Getting up off the couch, reaching for a drink and going up the stairs seems to get easier each time. I am still incredibly bloated and numb on my stomach and I feel like I am wearing a prosthetic baby bump. My back is all swollen from the lipo I had there and I look like the hunchback of Notre Dame from behind. Even so, I am starting to get glimpses of what my body will look like in a few months and I am really excited!


  1. I'm loving reading your updates. I'm sure anyone considering the surgery is really appreciating your honesty, too!

    Cosmo looks like such a cutie! I think I need to meet him ;-)

    Hope you're sleeping and feeling a bit better gorgeous


  2. Just caught up on your blog after a long absence - wow! Body Lift Surgery. You are so brave.

    How are you doing now?


Awww thanks so much for the comment!