Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home From Hospital

Oh good god I am so happy to be home from hospital!

I actually arrived home late Saturday afternoon and have spent the past few days laying around in various uncomfortable positions trying to catch up on some sleep and dull the pain. As I sit here writing this in bed at 4.45 am (eating a peanut butter sandwich) you might guess that I have not been very successful!

My mum has been staying here with me to fetch me drinks and fluff my pillows while AJ is at work during the day. It might not seem like it, but being a patient is hard! It seems that I am just a little particular about how I like things to be done and I can't be comfortable until everything is just right. So I feel like I am being a demanding cow and I just want to apologise all day for being a pain. Lucky for me my mum and AJ have been endlessly patient with me.

The good news is that ever since they took my catheter out at the hospital I have had no trouble using the bathroom independently. There was just no way that I could have coped with needing assistance in that department!!! I did however need help to have my first shower (while still wearing my compression garment) on Sunday so I convinced AJ that we could make it into a fun game. He could be the flamboyant gay hairdresser and I was the glamorous plastic-surgery-loving client who needed a hair wash and blow wave. Now I just need to work on getting him to play the role of Korean mani/pedicurist and I will be set!

I am really pleased with my recovery so far and I am looking forward to a post-op appointment with my surgeon on Friday. Hopefully he will let me take this compression garment off for 5 minutes so that I can get a sneak peak at my results. The moments when my head is clear from pain killer fuzziness I am writing up all the details of my first week after surgery. I will also eventually find the courage to post my 'before' pictures, but the thought fills me with terror right now.

Please just ask if you have any questions at all about the body lift surgery!

Me getting into character quite naturally as the glamorous crazy plastic surgery lady... (in my defence the sun was shining through the bedroom window at me).

Yes I do have to walk hunched over like Mr Burns until my skin heals from the surgery and no I am not naked in this photo!


  1. Bless your heart! I know it must be terribly uncomfortable, but I'm sure it will all be worth it. Can't wait til you are all healed. Take care and I hope you continue to feel better each day!

  2. Walk like Mr. Burns? LOL! Ok, I hadn't even considered the need for bathroom help. I'm glad you are able to work that out on your own. :)

    I'm glad your mom and AJ have been so patient with you. You look great, and that first photo looks like you even have a partial smile.

  3. LOL at Mr Burns!

    Glad to hear your pillow fluffers haven't run out of patience yet :0)

    Hope you get that sneak peek on Friday!!!

    Do you still have any drains in???

  4. Oh boy do I ever feel for you! The hunched walk and that awful suit - and I don't know how your vag is holding up, but I had a lot of lipo on that pubic mound and I feel and look like a have bowling balls where my vag once was - YUCK! Did not expect that one! :

    Get better soon, we are awesome hottie patottie ladies and I can't wait to see your pics, too!

  5. So glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Hope that you get to have a peek on Friday!

    Take care.

  6. Yay! Glad everything is going well (and that you have obedient pillow fluffers!). I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end, can't wait to see the pics. You look fantastic, even with the super sexy compression garment- I shudder to think what I'd be like after such major surgery! xoxo

  7. Wow!!! Omg..I have just managed to get back into my blogs after abotu 18 months and look what i have found!!! Wow!!!! You look amazing! Even hunched over!! I cant wait to catch up on whats been happening since i have been gone!!

    1. So good to hear from you Wanna! How have you been? Are you blogging again (please say yes!)? :)


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