Monday, February 04, 2008

2008 GOALS

Yeah I know it's February, but i've been busy and you know, lazy...

Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Goals...

Maintain 2006 & 2007 weight loss- This is always my most important goal. I have never kept off the weight I have lost in the past, so maintaining weight loss is very important to me.

Try a new sport- I am thinking maybe tennis or golf.

Never gain more then 5 kilos at a time- I seem to have a bad habit of hitting 'rough patches' where I gain 10 kilos, so I just want to be able to stop myself before I do too much damage.

Run for 5 minutes non stop- I have never been able to run much more then a few metres and I would love to be able to run for at least 5 minutes, I think it would make me feel very free and also prove to myself that I can do it.

Fit into clothes from a 'normal size' clothes shop- I am not sure how much weight I have to lose to fit into 'normal size' clothes but I would love to stop buying over priced clothes that I don't like from plus size shops.

Be active on weekend- Instead of watching TV and surfing the net on weekends I am going to be active and go for walks and explore new places like walk up the You Yangs, the Otways, swim at the beach etc.

Other Goals...

Grow my hair long- This is harder then it sounds. I have really thick hair and it always gets to a point where it starts to drive me crazy and I get it cut.

Get my drivers licence- I am so embarrassed I can't drive and it is something I really want to do but I have never had the confidence.

Work hard and be successful in my new job- This job has been harder then I thought it would be but I want to give it a really good go and make a success of it.

Travel to a new country- I have fallen in love with travel and I just want to travel the world, so I want to go to at least one new country this year.

Take pride in my appearance- I tend to stop doing my hair, wearing make up, jewellery or nice clothes when I feel bad about myself, so no matter how I feel I am going to dress to impress.

Try new things- I want to take myself out of my comfort zone and go to new restaurants, to the theatre, different kinds of movies and socialise with different people.

Stop over spending- I started a bad habit of shopping to relieve boredom and hunger last year and racked up a bit of credit card debt so I want to stop buying things I don't need and save some money.


  1. This is my first time on this blog, but I think you guys would like dailyskinny blog too. It has similar topics and offers.

  2. That's a large number of goals for one year! How are you doing with them?

  3. Oh girl, if I were near you, I'd be up for those active weekends for sure! And I think that the running is a fantastic start (hint: first goal should be 30 seconds. It doesn't sound like much, but the first time I tried, I couldn't do it, I was spent at 15 seconds.)

    I am loving all of these goals! (And does socialising with yours truly count as 'different people'? I'm toying with the idea of a trip to Melbourne later this year and would love to come visit you!)

  4. A lot of your goals remind of my goals a few years back.

    run for 5 mins - I started at a really slow pace for 1 minute and increased from there. I got up to an hour and now am working on improving speed.

    clothes shops - the best feeling when in Just Jeans the assistant said you must be a size 9 or 10 - Who - me?

    dressing up - after I had kids and a sleepness night, I always got showered, dressed and make up on - no matter how bad I felt, when I glanced in a mirror I looked better than I felt.

    spending - with interest rates - always a goal to spend less on stuff.

    Good Luck with all your goals, I just wanted to let you know that no matter how difficult they seem at times, you can get there - I did.

  5. I love your list and plan on 'adopting' most of them! You can do it babe, as I can too! WE rock.

  6. Those are some great goals! I'm sure you can accomplish them!

    About the running for 5 minutes thing, like Marshy said it's good to start out small. I don't know if this would help you, but back when I was trying to get into jogging, I used this program to help get me into it.
    I got to a point where I could jog for about 2 minutes non-stop, then I gave up, but it was great in getting me to that point.

  7. They are some great (achievable) goals.

    I used to do the Couch to 5k program. If you have an MP3 player I'm told that you can download their running training program. Like Marshy says, you literally start jogging for 30seconds at first. Their program slowly builds you up and helps you keep time.

    Go for your goals honey!

  8. You are going really well chookie!! I love your 2008 goal list .... I hope this is your year!! (and mine too!!!!)
    Travel bug heh? Me too .... I can't wait for the little chickens to grow up so we can scoot off .... oh and I suppose I should finish the house before I start organising a holiday!! lol

  9. Better late than never!!! I loved reading your goals. You have listed many wonderful achievable things.

    I make up a special calendar in excel every year and at the beginning of the year I write in the date that I want to start doing one of my goals. That really helps me stay on track with my goals from year to year.

    Good luck achieving your goals. You can do it!!!

  10. Awesome goals! I love the bit about being active on the weekends since that's something I struggle with a lot. If you're looking for great vacation getaways I recommend Barcelona, Rome, London or Chicago.

  11. Not meaning to be pushy, but wasn't there supposed to be a weigh in post today? I'm missing hearing from my favourite girl!


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