Saturday, February 09, 2008

A New Low

So I'll get straight to business, yesterday was my weigh day and I lost another 800 grams, taking me to an even 101 kilos (222.2 lbs). This is my lowest weight since November 2004 and I am slowly starting to see the changes in my clothes and fitness levels.

It was a pretty tough week, just look at some of the temptations during the past week:

Saturday- Lunch with a friend and Dinner at my brothers
Sunday- In a car that went through a McDonald's drive thru on two separate occasions
Monday- Chocolate cake for a colleague's birthday
Tuesday- Lunch with editors
Wednesday- Breakfast meeting
Thursday- Lunch with visiting colleagues from the UK
Friday- Lunch for colleagues going away party

Not only did I have lots of temptation, I was also working long hours, some days I was at the office until 8.30pm trying to finish reports for meetings next week. So I was also tired and hungry and there were times I just wanted to pick up a pizza on the way home. All I can say is thank god for Lean Cuisines!!!

Next week is going to be worse, I am travelling to Sydney and Canberra for work and I will literally be eating out for every meal. Breakfast will be the only meal I will have control over because I will be on my own, all other meals will be during meetings and conferences- many with set menus. So not sure if I'll be able to get through next week without a gain. This is really frustrating because I am so close to getting under 100 kilos and I am nervous about losing control of my eating. I am going to try and use the gym and pool at the hotels I am staying at, but it is going to be a huge week and I may not get time. I will just be relieved if I can get through the week without a gain, let alone a loss!

The last few weeks have been full of temptations at work because just about every meeting I have with external clients is over lunch or drinks. I have been doing fine because I don't feel overly tempted when I am at work because I am normally concentrating on work rather then food, but I am sick of looking strange. I am constantly declining food, ordering salads (dressing on the side), not eating all my meals, ordering diet coke instead of wine and skipping dessert and it doesn't go un-noticed. Every time I do this it is like I am screaming "I am on a diet". I mean it is no great secret I am fat, but I hate having to draw such attention to my eating habits in a professional environment.

Before I go, I just want to send my best wishes to Marshy who is participating in a triathlon tomorrow. She is one fit chick and I am so proud of her!!!


  1. You could just put it out there that you have severe allergies and need to be careful what you eat or you could go into anaphylaxis shock. I know it would be lying but it would take the pressure right off you as people understand and respect allergies and will back off with a quickness.

    They'll even help you stay away from your trigger foods and no one would have to know you're on a diet.

  2. Yippee! Good for you, girl! Those are some serious temptations, and you brushed them off like a rock star. Bravo, baby!


  3. I recommend you be honest and gracious, and simply decline bad food choices. Lying reflects poorly on your character and if caught in such a white lie, may actually jeopardize your professional relationship.

  4. Congratulations on your new low!

    As far as travelling goes, are you able to get lean cruisine (emergency meals as I call them) when you get there?

    I know you don't like to draw attention to yourself but I think it's important that you are proud of your choices each time you decline at a work function. It doesn't need to scream "I'm on a diet", but a smile and a diversion conversation can work wonders.

  5. Even though you feel a dork having to order salads and diet coke etc.. stick with it cos at the end of the day you are doing it for a darn good reason... and soon your weight will not be 'on show' anyway! You are doing so well mate.

  6. Congrats on the new low. Do not worry about people noticing your eating habits. Believe me if you ordered fattening food they'd also be thinking, dang she shouldn't be eating this...either way you can't control and should be concerned over what people think. You are doing what's best for you, and that's all that matters. As far as travel, you must stay focus. I travel overseas for work and manage to stick to my plan. Only stay at hotels with a gym, get up and do your workout before the day starts, order room service, salad and salmon or grilled chicken or steak. It's totally doable. If you can't then just minimize the damage by making good choices or limiting portions whenever you can. A week won't do too much damage anyway unless you binge. Take care,

  7. I agree with Til's comment- it's a no win situation. If you try to watch what you eat people know you're dieting; if you indulge over and over people think you're fat because you can't control yourself. Even though it's hard try to stick with the healthy eating -- just think how awesome it'll feel to be thinner and healthier in the long run.

    Safe travels!

  8. Who cares if they know? You are not doing this for them, you are doing this for you. It sucks to sometimes have to order out with people (especially in business I know I am a Director of Marketing and am put in this situation CONSTANTLY) sometimes you feel like they are all staring as you order, but even if they are (which they really aren't) DO YOUR THING GIRL!

    If someone has the nerve to say something or ask...tell them I am concentrating on eating healthy. If they mention the "D" word I would tell them. Well if eating healthy is a diet then I guess maybe I am. That way you show that you are just concentrating on eating healthy. You don't need to say you are following anything at all. Your healthy choices especially if you order first will set the tone and I bet every other woman does the same (no one likes to be the one person chowing down on a steak when everyone else is eating grilled chicken and salad).

    Sometimes I am brazen and I even give them tips like dipping the fork in the dressing to save calories. Show them that you know your stuff and they will be impressed and really think that you are a serious lady and doing your thing.

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