Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Resisting Temptations

Firstly I have to report on a Non Scale Victory (NSV)- for the first time ever I went to the movies on the weekend and didn't get popcorn. The friend that I went with was going to buy a small popcorn and when he went to the service counter they said "It's only an extra 10 cents for a large" so of course he got a large and the bucket was just about as big as my TV. I thought I was going to give in when I saw the huge bucket of hot buttery popcorn, but I just sucked on my pepsi max and did my best to ignore it. It really helped that I had just been shopping and bought a hot little black dress that was on sale. It is currently a little tight, but I am hoping to get into in time for my school reunion next month. If/when I get into it I'll take a photo, it is a really flattering dress.

In other news, I have a new hobby that I started on the weekend- bush walking. I had no idea it would be so much fun. Growing up my dad and extended family always used to drag me along on hikes and I hated it because I was unfit and embarrassed that I couldn't keep up. I decided to give it another try and on Sunday I went to the Dandenongs and found a nice track that was about 2.5 kms, it was beautiful scenery, a lovely walk and a good work out. After I finished I wanted more, so we found another 2.5 km track and went for another walk. I am really looking forward to finding some more hikes and spending my weekends going to new places and exploring while keeping fit. It is so exciting when I actually find an exercise that I enjoy because it doesn't happen very often. I must admit that I woke up yesterday morning and my arse was killing me from all the steep hills and I am still feeling it today.

Last night I had an after work drinks and finger food gathering and as usual I refused the alcohol and food knowing that I had my homemade vegetable soup waiting for me at home. It was quite obvious again that I wasn't indulging with everyone else, but I had already had a huge lunch and dessert at a restaurant for a work lunch so I needed to be extra careful. The funny thing was that when I left later that night with a colleague she commented on how well I did not to give into pressure from other people to "just have one glass of champagne" or "a few chips won't hurt". She went on to say that she gains weight very easily and has to watch what she eats and that over the past 18 months she has lost 20 kilos. I was so surprised because she is super slim and has a gorgeous tiny little figure, I couldn't believe she ever had a weight problem. It also made me feel so much better to have someone appreciate that it is really tough and I am not trying to be a party pooper, it is just something I have to do.

I am off to the airport in a minute to go to Canberra, how cool is it that I am going to be there for "The Apology"!


  1. That all sounds fantastic. Firstly about resisting the popcorn - that is just about impossible for me too, well done! Secondly about the dress, I hope you can post some pic of you ready for your reunion, how exciting! Thirdly about your vegie soup - can you please post your recipe? Fourthly about your work friend - won't it be great when people think we are naturally slim, and then we have to explain that we have lost some weight and they will be surprised lol that will be so exciting and inspiring. You are doing a fantastic job!

  2. Have a great time in Canberra! You are a legend for not getting the popcorn and for turning down all of the work do foodies, I haven't found that strength and totally admire you :-D It's great to hear that you've found a colleague who appreciates the struggles, I know that quite often you feel like you're the only one in it and that you stick out like a sore thumb - we are not alone!

    And WOOOHOOOOOOOO on the bush walking! That's FANTASTIC! You can totally take me on some of those routes when I come to Melbourne :-D I am SO proud of you!

  3. Hope you have a fabulous time in Canberra and that you get to have tons of NSVs (I finally figured out what that meant from your blog today!) My mom just sent Valentine's gifts that included candy and I am trying like hell to avoid it!

  4. You are a very strong woman!! No popcorn at the movies is truely a fantastic effort!!
    I can't wait for soup season!! mmmmm......
    Have a great trip!!

  5. That certainly is a non scale victory!

    Ages ago I mentioned to a few Melbourne Bloggers that I'd love to do some bushwalking events. There is a company in Melb that meets at the Spencer Street train station every second Sunday and they take you by bus to a particular walk somewhere in VIC. It suits all sorts of levels of fitness (which appealed to me) and was only about $10 per walk from memory. It'd be totally up your alley by the sounds of it. I'd put my hand up too.

    A reunion is the best incentive isn't it?

  6. I can't wait to see you in your gorgeous new little black dress!

  7. Way to go on resisting the popcorn. That's always hard for me and last time I did this past weekend but it helped that the line was way to long so didn't get anything.
    It is a struggle to not eat what others are eating that's for sure.
    Sound fun to do some hiking. I want to get out there more in the spring, we have some great hiking up near the mountains.

  8. way to go on resisting. i know that is a huge deal and i completely understand and agree- people do try to temp for some reason. when i first started i got into a huge fight with my family because when i would go home- they would constantly try and get me to eat out at the worst places and i felt like they were trying to keep me fat. but you just have to be acocountable to yourself. stay strong, and keep it up!!


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