Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

I am weighing in a day later then normal because I was in Sydney yesterday when I normally would have weighed in. I was totally blown away this morning to see that I lost 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) in the last week. I ate out for every meal this week and while I tried to make good choices, sometimes it was near impossible to find anything healthy to eat. I did counter this by exercising every day at the hotel gyms and ensuring that I always left food on my plate.

If I had of eaten similar to everyone else I was travelling with I literally would have consumed thousands and thousands more calories than I did. I know I would have gained between 2-3 kilos if I had of relaxed a little and ordered the pancakes for breakfast, had the steak and mashed potato instead of the vegetarian option for lunch, eaten dessert and had wine with every meal like my colleagues did. I had very little spare time and I used any second I could find to go to the gym or go for a walk. I normally exercise at home so it was quite exciting to use a proper gym, though it was much harder then I remember. All I can say is that the stair machine and elliptical machine are instruments of torture.

Being concious of calories and exercise made the week incredibly tiring, but it is a habit I need to get into if I am going to be travelling a lot for work. I can't just gain a few kilos every month because I am away from home and now I know that I can maintain and even lose weight while travelling. I will have to try and find a balance though because by the time I got home late last night I was feeling like I wanted to pig out on pizza and chocolate. I was exhausted and feeling a bit deprived and I came extremely close to a massive binge. I am thankful I didn't give in and instead put a lean cuisine in the microwave- those things save my arse every time I am tired.

So I am now 100 kilos exactly and I feel like the scales are teasing me. I have come within two kilos of breaking 100 kilos three times in the past six months, I just want to break the 100 and get it over with already. It is going to be huge for me mentally to break the 100. I have always felt like 100 kilos was the difference between me being 'obese fat' and 'normal fat'. I am already looking forward to Friday for my next weigh in and hoping I will make the break through.


  1. Wow! Well done- I know how hard it is to make the best choices when you're away from home, and there's all sorts of pressure on you. You've done really, really well to get through it with such fantastic results.

    You'll be breaking that 100kg before you know it.

  2. I'm with Amanda - you've done bloody brilliantly to avoid the damage of all of those eating out opportunities. You totally deserve that loss of yours!

  3. Bravo, you! You're a calorie counting rock star... keep it up and you'll be kicking that 100 kilo mark very soon!


  4. Good for you!!! Sounds like a victorious week. You deserve some kind of medal for withstand temptation and for exercising when you must have been so tired. You deserve a great result this week. Congrats!!!

  5. Now Now Now Tully, who do you need to thank for this successful week? I'm so glad you followed my advice on how 2 survive the weeks on the road, lol. So yes I'm taking all the credit for this 1 kilo,lol. Soooo glad u did so well. Travel isn't as scary as we think it. I know you'll have a great week cause u'll want to stay focused to finally break out of the 100kgs! 90s here u come. And thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it and loved your comment! K.

  6. Oh, I absolutely understand the mental difference between the 100 & 99 kg mark. I'm living vicariously through your right now .LOL

    This is a brilliant result and soon you'll be talking about pushing out of the 90's and I'll be cheering you on for that too.

    Go you!

  7. Congrats on the loss and you will break 100 kg soon ... I can feel it! Way to be diligent in eating out with everyone ... I tend to be very bad in those situations!

  8. Well done. The >100 kgs mark is definitely a milestone.

    I hate the steppers but have learned to love the elliptical machines cos they burn so many calories.

  9. so impressive to lose weight whilst travelling. I must admit I call it a win if I stay stable. And the less than 100kg is a serious milestone for me too. It's when I plan to start considering doing "normal people exercise". You know, bike riding, jogging, surfing etc. that I can't imagine even trying at my current weight. Good luck!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!