Monday, October 04, 2010

Bali Photos

It's time for photos from Bali! Now, as usual, most photos will feature my big head because I am not sure my travel companions were thrilled to be featured in my pictures. Check out their blogs (B, Amanda and her boy) in case they post more pictures, plus they all had fancy pants cameras and they know stuff about photography so their photos are a lot better than mine!

Alila resort where we stayed, no photos can do this place justice, it was beautiful.

The resort reception, we were welcome here with a lovely refreshing drink after a long and hot flight.

The pool at Alila, it was more amazing than this photo shows. I want to live here!

I spent my first morning sitting by the pool watching the monkey's play. They were starting to freak me out by the end and didn't seem quite so cute.

Me after a dawn swim on my first morning in Bali.

The rice fields in Ubud.

Me in the rice fields in Ubud, after having to practically jump a river to get there, all I am thinking in this photo is 'how the fuck am I going to get back?'.

The water temple in Ubud.

Me sitting at the water temple in Ubud, the tour guide insisted I sit down for this photo (not my best angle) and you can see my chest is all puffed up from trying to suck my stomach in!

To enter a certain part of the water temple I had to put on this sarong and my old fat girl fears just kept thinking that it wouldn't fit.

The water temple.

Me at the gates of the temple. I love how the tour guide managed to make me look like I have long legs in this photo. I need to hire him to take all photos of me from now on.

A woman roasting coffee beans at a coffee plantation.

The delicious teas and coffees I got to try at the coffee plantation.

Me standing in front of Batur volcano. The boys in our group got up at 3.00am to hike to it's summit, I have never been so glad not to be a boy!

Drinking a yummy cocktail at dinner in Ubud.

The markets in Ubud.

More of the markets in Ubud.

Me at the markets on the morning of the bride's hens day.

The markets again, the people and food was just amazing.

All the motorbikes parked out the front of the markets, everyone in Bali rides motorbikes and the roads are very scary!

Me at the bride's hens day (bachelorette) at a cooking class.

The cooking instructors (check out the creepy photo behind them).

Some of the delicious food we 'helped' make.

More of the food we 'helped' make, oh those duck skewers were so freaking good.

Me at the bride's hens mojito and ribs night. The food and drinks were just delicious! I am having mojito withdrawals as we speak.

Me after being out shopping with B in Ubud, behind that smile I am questioning why the hell I purchased a stone mortar and pestle that I have to carry around all night...

Every tourist to Bali has to drink Bintang!

Me at the pool in the resort relaxing before the wedding.

Where I had some spa treatments at the resort before the wedding, the outdoor shower was amazing.

The massage table at the resort, best massage I have ever had!

Me before the wedding. My hair didn't stay like that for long, hello humidity!

Pouring champers for B, Amanda and her boy in my room before the wedding.

The wedding ceremony area.

Balinese musicians at the wedding ceremony.

Balinese cultural ceremony at the wedding.

The torrential rain that came down right after the wedding. Lucky the bride had a wonderful sense of humour about it all.

The pool where the wedding reception was held. My photos don't do this justice, the lighting was magnificent.

The wedding reception before everyone arrived.

Me laughing because of my embarrassment at my boobs hanging out of my dress all night. Must remember to do the sit down test in new clothes to see how low cut things become when sitting down!

A photo of my party shoes that I took with B's camera, you are lucky not to see the photos I also took of my boobs on Amanda's camera!

I wish I could show you more photos of how beautiful the bride looked and my snazzy travel buddies, but I won't be mean and do that to them. Just know they looked good!

Now I have post-holiday depression and need to plan my next holiday. Where should I go next, Thailand, Europe, New York??? All three would suit me actually.


  1. Europe, with meeee! We make excellent travel buddies I think :-)

    Reliving it through your photos is just making me even more sad to be home. Having to shop for and cook dinner just seems so wrong...


  2. Spectacular photos - looks like you had a fabulous time, your face is glowing with happiness and you are looking great! I'm envious of your travels.

  3. I thought the same as Tania, you are absolutely glowing in these pic's.

    The pic's are gorgeous! And you look amazing in every one.

    Beautiful holidays pic's!!

  4. You are looking amazing, great wardrobe too!

  5. Wow that resort looks beautiful!!!! What a nice place to have a wedding!! And a mojito and ribs night!!??? I am jealous!!

    You have some cool clothes, especially the red dress!

  6. LOved this.... makes me miss Bali.... i went last year, that was the last holiday i had and i think im due for another.

    You have convinced me to not stay in kuta tho, i think ill stay where you were as it looks AMAZING.

    You looked so pretty in your dresses!

    Ash x

  7. EUROPE!!

    Jay and I are going to put together our Bucket List of things to see in Europe while we're still here, and start planning how to fit it all in (and afford it)-- if you come, you could join in. Thailand is always there and cheaper to get to from Aus, so you should take advantage of us and our flat while you can :)

    You looked fabulous, and the photos show that. I want to go back, I miss you guys already :(


  8. OMG! I want to go to Bali! How fun! :) Thx for the pics

  9. Beautiful photos, after seeing B's on Facey I want to go there so bad! I even started looking up flights and hotels even though I'm on negative 8 days annual leave.

    You are stunning, btw!

  10. Great photos. It all looks so lovely. Loving all the pretty dresses you were wearing too.

  11. You look smashing! Makes me now want to visit Bali when i never had the interest before.

  12. Firstly - you practically jumped a river. LOL! The old Tully wouldn't have considered it right?

    Secondly, you need to wear that blue colour more often. It is incredible on you and so was the red dress. You look so stylish!

    Thirdly - what a phenomenal trip you all had in such a beautiful, luxurious surroundings. Perfect for K's wedding.

    Fourthly - You cannot wipe that smile off your face. I love seeing how happy you are now. You beam from ear to ear and it's absolutely intoxicating. You thought you should know ;-)

  13. Beautiful resort! Beautiful holiday! Beautiful You! LOL the cleavage looks fine from here :0)

  14. You look great, you have lost so much weight.

  15. oooh I am getting our family over to Bali next year - but I havent been in like 20 years.. these photos were great! Ubu looks like the place to be. Cant wait to do what you did.. You look amazing in your pics. Glowing, healthy and loving life!

  16. Hey Tully. Love your photos and you look great! Can I be cheeky and ask where your bathers are from. They look gorgeous!

  17. I second Amanda's comment -- come to Europe! You've some great photos here, I particularly like the shots of the markets. And of course, you look fantastic in them all -- your dress wasn't really *that* low cut...

  18. I loved the blue and the red dress on you, and really, if you've got it - flaunt it! lol.

    You all seemed to have such a great holiday and K's wedding was so beautiful (have seen all the FB pics). I am equally jealous and happy for you all.

    Keep planning your next holiday - it keeps the memories of the previous one alive :)

  19. You look absolutely stunning in these pics! S T U N N I N G ! ! !

    Looks like an awesome trip and a dreamy wedding. I can't wait to see pics of the bride and groom.


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