Friday, October 29, 2010

Sick and Sicker

Here is a perfect example of why I don’t like my band being so tight. Last Friday I decided to treat myself to some sushi for lunch (I never buy my lunch, I’m too much of a tight arse). While walking back to work with my sushi, I ran into two colleagues who were delighted to see I had gone to their favourite sushi place. They said they go there all the time and I must come with them next time. Of course I agreed, I really like these girls and I was happy to be making some new work friends. So I get back to work and discover that with the restriction in my band I couldn’t even get one bite of sushi down. I ended up picking the salmon out of the middle and just eating that. So, since Friday they have asked me to go for sushi with them three times and I have said no and used the excuse that I have already bought my lunch in, but they are going to think I am being rude soon. There is no way I can get any sushi down and this place only sells sushi rolls, so I can’t even order anything else. God I hate being weird…

In my continuing saga of sickness (yes I realise this topic is getting boring), I went to a good doctor yesterday at the recommendation of B, who was kind enough to share her doctor with me. I have had a lot of tests done and have more to do in my lunch break today and over the weekend and so far the doctor thinks I either have a parasite or malaria. So I guess that explains why I have felt like dying for the past few weeks. I’ll share something horrific with you, because there is no way I am telling anyone I know in my life outside the internet. Brace yourselves… I have to give a stool sample. I know, I can’t believe it myself. I asked if there was any way around this mortifying event and the doctor said I can’t have the drugs to make me better until I do it. So my Friday night involves a packet of laxatives and some sample jars. Oh my god.

So it hasn’t been a good week, but I am focussing on the fact that it is Friday, it’s my pay day and it’s going to be 28 degrees today, so it’s not all bad!


  1. haha, i work in an area that deals with faecal samples alot. nothing to be embarrassed about, we all do it!
    ive done it before and found the worst part was actually 'getting' the sample! fun times! next it'll be a colonoscopy. my hubby got incredibly ill overseas and did all this and got no result so hopefully they figure it out for you.

  2. LOL @ sample!!! We have a friend who has had ongoing (read 10+ years!) of gizzard trouble & it's not at all unusual for him to have a sample or 2 in the fridge!!!! EWWWWWW I know it's pretty gross, but you'll be right lovely!!!! Glad you finally went & saw a DR!

    Bummer about the sushi :0(

  3. I would have reacted the same way about the samples, but you have to do what you have to do. And you need the medicine to get better.

    A while back I went out for sushi with work colleagues and one half of a roll later I was stuck and started sliming, I had to bolt from the table and everyone thought I was choking. Not good at all. I just wanted get to the loo. It was humiliating and none of them knew or know about the band. I try not to think about it too much and needless to say I haven't had sushi since.

  4. When you wrote 'God I hate being weird…' - I nooded my head! I have found myself avoiding eating situations with people too.

    And I'm glad you're going to be feeling better soon after all the testing you've done! Umm, eww about your task for tonight! *hugs* x

  5. Would it be sometyhing to consider, with these girls being new friends, to tell them about the band, smile your dazzling smile and say I'd really love to join you but I might not be able to get the sushi down."

    I have had some fantastic reactions (I'll often explain to some restuarants and the staff are always brilliant and almost always have a friend that has been banded) People have been terrific in general. What is the worst that can happen. They can already clearly see that you've had gorgeous results and we all have our own demons.

    In the interim, if you are going to get liquid taken out of your band then it wont be too long before you're able to join them.

    Re: samples... I feel for you. You poor sausage.

  6. You oughta do my job lol I deal in poo almost every day.. sigh.
    Its no big deal seriously and if it helps figure out what is wrong with you, you have to have it done.
    Not sure what you can do about the eating situation bar telling them why you cant eat with them. I know I cant eat norri rolls either - a few bites and its slime city, yet I can eat rice with any other meal. Must be because it's so sticky. Hope you figure it out :)

  7. That sounds like an awesome way to spend a Friday night, you should invite the Sushi girls from work -- tell them it's the next big thing ;)

    Seriously, though, I'm all in favour of anything that is going to help the doctors figure out how to make you feel better.


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