Thursday, October 07, 2010

What's Going On

I am not feeling the best and can't string together a thought, so here is a few things I am thinking...

Firstly, I have gotten sicker and sicker since returning from Bali and starting to think my Bali belly have turned into malaria. I have fever and chills all day and night and can barely pick up my toothbrush to brush my teeth at the moment. I have travelled a lot and I know what jet lag is and this definitely not jet lag. I am trying to get in to see a doctor, but so far the 5 I have tried are either not taking new patients or are booked out. I was too tired to try anymore after that. OK, I might be being a touch dramatic, I probably don't have malaria.

Secondly, I want to eat many of these delicious looking morsels from It Pleases Us.  

Mmmm, they would slip right through the band. Delicious.

Thirdly, I have made a decision to never purchase clothes that are too small for me again and I feel so liberated. I have a weird body shape and trying on clothes that I have bought and are too small for me week, after week to see if they fit yet makes me feel shiteous. They are always too tight across my stomach and then starting to get too big in the shoulders and look terrible. Why buy clothes that are too tight when you can buy clothes that look fabulous right now?

Fourthly, of all the photos of myself that I have seen from Bali, some nice and some hideous, the one that surprised me the most was this one. It's not the most flattering photo of me by a long shot, but I just look normal.

Fifthly, working sucks. FULL STOP.


  1. I'm not a doctor, but you probably don't have Malaria (look! disclaimer!). Everything I've read says the malarial risk in tourist areas of Bali is very low (other areas of Indonesia, not so low). If you're really worried, go to the hospital-- you might have to wait, but at least you'll know. I've had an upset stomach on and off since I got back, but that's it. If you're not digesting your food, that would make you weaker, maybe?

    Not buying too small clothes is an excellent idea.

    I actually love that photo of you-- the difference is really obvious :)

  2. The sickness sounds terrible - maybe the hospital is a good idea.

    The choc peanut butter slice looks delicious!

    Buying clothes the right size is defo the way to go. I have small stuff in my wardrobe I've never worn before but have been trying to get into for over a year and they just depress me.

    Hope you feel better soon!.

  3. I learnt the hard way not to buy too small clothes. Unless you know how you'll lose weight (from where on your body) you never know what will look good after a few kgs.

    It's so much better to buy clothes that fit you now and sell them or pass them on when you are done with it, even if you only buy cheap stuff at least it fits -- and isn't cluttering up the wardrobe.

  4. Please take yourself up to the emergency department!

    You look better than normal!!

  5. Yum, those peanut butter chocolate things look DELISH!!

    Yes you do look normal in that photo!!! You look great!!! I hope you are feeling better soon, doesn't sound like you're having a fun time :( All the best
    Liz x

  6. I hope you're feeling well soon, you don't want this sickness to effect your healthy habits. That picture of you is a good shot of your legs (and they look damn good)...Working does suck. Take care.

  7. You ARE normal :0)

    sorry you are sick as. Hope it passes pronto.

    damn that choccy slice! Now I WANT some :0)

    I think we are all guilty of buying clothes too small in the vain hope that they will sit right in a few kgs. I've got a stash in the back of my wardrobe too.......

  8. I don't know if your eyes were closed or what but you look great in all your photos. You really do look normal. That's one of the things I'm suprised at myself at the moment. That I don't look like a fatty I just look normal :)

    I hope you see a doctor soon. Sounds nasty whatever it is.


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