Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mistaken Identity

I think I got the biggest compliment of life at work the other day, without the person even knowing that she gave me one. I was talking with the girl who shares an office with me about diets because she was thinking about trying low carb. I told her I did Atkins a couple of years ago and lost about 8 kilos and that low carb really works if you can stick with it (I couldn't). She was shocked that I had lost 8 kilos and said:

"You must have been tiny, that is a lot of weight to lose off your small frame."

I was literally lost for words and I couldn't respond. No one has ever thought of me as 'little' before. Of course, she doesn't realise that I used to weigh 130 kilos and that when I actually lost those 8 kilos it wasn't really noticeable to anyone.

Another weird thing that happened at work was when I walking down the corridor and I could here a woman calling out "Jess". That's not my name, so I just ignored it, but she kept persisting. I was the only person around, so I had to stop and see what she wanted. I turned around and she said "Oh sorry, you're not Jess". I could not believe she had mistaken me for my size 12 colleague, I mean aside from anything, my colleague is a hell of a lot more stylishly dressed and put together than I am!

It's so weird to know people now who don't know I used to be morbidly obese. I wouldn't mind telling people, except that I don't know people at this job that well yet and I'm only here until February so I don't feel the need to over-share.

I am starting to feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone.


  1. That's brilliant! HA!

    I bet you felt amazing!

  2. hahahahaha
    i know how you feel.
    recently my boss' husband saw me (he hardly see me) and later my boss was like: "so luc said that something was different about you..."

    hahahaha. we can only take these things as compliments!

  3. Congratulations and this is an indication of your continuing success. Compared to your last few posts there is more joy in your writing and it is a pleasure to see. Continue with your plan and enjoy your new body. Good luck

  4. Compliments well-deserved, I'd say -- I bet part of the confusion over "Jess" was your newly improved self confidence. They didn't just see a slim girl, they saw a slim and confident girl.

    Doing great, Tully :)

  5. I think that ios enough motivation to change jobs once I loss all my weight :)

    Congrats on the lovely compliments!!

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower and I was just banded on October 30th so my blog is relatively "fresh".

    In any case, you look great and have done so well with your band - be proud! You must have been elated hearing those comments from your colleagues. I can't wait until I start making some progress toward my goal as well.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!