Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress- The Before Photos

My Chinese bridesmaid dress just arrived in the post! Keep in mind that I just took the below photos myself in the disabled toilet at work so hopefully that explains the weird poses, crazy eyes and poor quality.

First thing first, massive sigh of relief that it isn't too small. Phew. In fact, it is actually too big and I will need to get it taken in. I think it will look a lot better when it is fitted around my chest and waist and isn't all creased. It'll also look better when I am wearing a proper strapless bra and some spanx. Not to mention losing 5 kilos and slapping on some fake tan. So let's call these photos the before pictures...

I am also thinking that it really needs a belt of some kind to break it up and make it look a bit cuter. The colour of the dress is actually coral (though it looks a little hot pink in the photos) and I am not sure how to accessorize it properly. I think we are going to wear nude/beige shoes, so does anyone have any ideas on the color for the belt? The bride is very easy going in terms of colours and what we wear, so anything goes!

All you gorgeous fashionistas please send me any ideas that you come up with for accessories. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. It looks coral on my screen....beautiful colour :) Once its taken in it should look fab on you :)

  2. Thanks for popping by to my blog. It looks coral on my comptuer as well.

    I would think a silver belt, shoes and bags might be nice but that isn't very useful for afterwards.

    Good luck with accessorising !

  3. I love the style and colour - it looks beautiful on you. Once you have it taken in, it's going to be smokin'.
    That colour is so popular right now so i would take a walk around the shops and see what the 'experts' are accessorising it with. My first thought was also silver shoes & belt.

  4. OMG I love it!! I too think silver belt and blingy earings

  5. My first inclination is a black belt, but I'm a dude, so yeah :D

    But I can tell that it is, indeed, way too big for you, which is a good problem to have, I think! :D

  6. Oooh, love it! I really love coral/watermelon shades (which reminds me of a great dress I have at home I need to pick up and bring back with me!) :)

    I would suggest some kind of neutral belt (sand/tan/light brown) or thin gold (if you're going with gold accessories - something like this one i got recently from Zara: or another contrasting lolly colour (eg turquoise/purple)

    Advice overload - sorry! But you've got great fashion sense so I'm sure you'll do well :)

  7. It looks great and once you have it taken it to fit you properly, it will look amazing :o)

  8. I think you look tiny already in it, despite the dress being too big.
    beautiful! xx

  9. It certainly needs to be taken in.
    As for accessories... if you want to wear nude shoes, then a similar colour belt and bag.

  10. The colour looks great on you!!!! Ditto Cinders.....sparkly silver accessories! Smick!


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