Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Goal Check In

Last Tuesday I set myself a few goals for the week to try and step it up and start losing weight again. I am extremely happy to be able to come back now and let you know that I did achieve these small goals. I am often not very good at sticking to my goals, but knowing I had made a public commitment really helped.

Make an appointment to get a fill in my lap band
I managed to get squeezed in for an appointment last Tuesday night and the doctor gave 0.2 mls, so I now have 5.9 mls in a 10 ml band. I was lucky to get that appointment because my doctor is now on leave until mid-February, so that would have been a bummer. I can feel the difference in that I need to eat a bit slower and food is more likely to get stuck, but I can't say that I feel like it has done much to satiate my hunger. I am not sure if I will ever find that sweet spot on my lap band.

Go to the gym 4 times
This was very hard, but I managed to get it done, even if it nearly killed me a couple of nights. I went to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Monday, as well as doing pilates at work on Tuesday afternoon for a little bonus workout. Getting 4 workouts a week is tough at the moment because I have a lot of things on, but it can be done if you really commit (and go to the gym late at night!).

Enjoy only one off plan meal on the weekend
Out of all my mini goals for the week, this was certainly the most difficult! My planned treat meal was Saturday night out for dinner and drinks with a friend. The problem is that on Sunday I was hung over and really wanted a cheeseburger and a coke to sort me out. Not only that, but I had several Christmas drinks/functions to go to during the week where I had to be boring and sip on mineral water while everyone else was drinking champagne.

So I was really happy with the work that I put in this week and I was hoping my effort would begin to show on the scales when I weighed myself last Friday. But no... So far for the month of December when I have 'stepped it up' I have managed to gain 100 grams. I can't believe I haven't lost any weight this month so far. So much for my plan to lose 3 kilos, it looks like that isn't going to happen unless I get decapitated.

Woe is me. I really hate the freaking scales.



  1. Sometimes the scale just doesn't like us. Stay strong, you know you can! The scale is just pain at times for not showing how well we have really worked.

    It will come through for you next week, do just stay with your goals :o)

  2. I feel your pain! When I started a weight-loss challenge with my friends, the first few (2? 3?) weeks, my weight actually went up! But I was feeling good so I trusted the work that I was doing and it eventually dropped down. Don't let the number discourage you - keep it up and you'll see results :)

  3. Good work on the mineral water instead of champagne ! It is so hard when everyone else is drinking to stick to water or soft drinks.

    Keep it up and do the best you can. At the end of it all, Christmas celebrations will last another 10 days and then they will all be over and life can return to normal !!!

    Good luck !


Awww thanks so much for the comment!