Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shop Till You Drop

Shopping at 130 kilos was practically impossible and I actually got to the point where often the largest sizes in plus size clothing stores would not fit me. I always pictured that if I was ever lucky enough to lose weight that the clothing world would be my oyster. I could go into any shop and most, if not everything, would fit me. My biggest problem would be that I had so many lovely options that it would be difficult to choose. These are the things I day dreamed about when I was bigger…

I have now lost 50 kilos and weigh 79.3 kilos (175 lbs) and I really thought I should now be able to fit into size 16's at the ‘normal’ size shops. I really don’t shop much because I can’t afford to spend money on clothes when I am still (trying to) lose weight so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to see what does and doesn’t fit me.  It is my birthday next week and I am going out for a nice dinner so I decided to head out shopping and treat myself with a new dress. 

I started shopping last week and I spent about 3 hours looking through all the shops in the city after work one night. I tried on every pretty dress in a size 16 (biggest size in most shops) and they were ALL too small. Some I can't get done up at all, others go on but are skin tight around my fat stomach and too big around my shoulders. 

So I am a bit shaken, but I head out again the next night, determined to find something nice to wear for my birthday. This time I try on not only the things that I like, but absolutely anything I can find that may fit me. It is a hot and sticky night and I am getting more and more flustered as I have to leave the change room and hand over about 12 items to a hopeful looking shopping assistant asking how I went. Each time I have to explain that they were too small and she offers to get me bigger sizes and I have to advise her that they are the biggest sizes in the shop. Joyful times.

I even try a couple of less trendy shops that go up to a size 18, while the clothes might not be my cup of tea, I am hopeful there might be something that is kind of wearable. I finally have success with a size 18 dress that fits. Well, it fits around my stomach, but is easily 2 sizes too big around my shoulders. I tell myself that I can wear a cardigan and it might not be noticeable. Then I really look at the dress and realize it is hideous and decide to just get the hell out of there.

Would you believe that I went back one more time over the weekend to try again (by this stage I had been to 3 different shopping centres!). I was supposed to be helping AJ shop for work shirts, but I couldn't help but have a little look for myself and try some things on. Same old story, everything clinging tightly around my fat stomach. I even tried the plus size stores, but they are way too big. I am stuck in limbo.

So now I am in full pity party mode. I am sick of my stupid deformed body that can't wear normal clothes. It is clear that nothing will fit me properly until I get body lift surgery to get rid of my hideous apron stomach and loose skin, but strangely enough I don't have a spare $20k sitting around to get that done! I just need to try and remember all the important reasons I lost weight and not focus on this one little problem...

One of the dresses that I tried on that I absolutely loved. It may look like it fits, but  I couldn't get the zipper done up at all. I wanted to buy it anyway, but at $280 I couldn't justify the expense for a dress that may not ever fit.


  1. I may not be helping here, but I also have a weird shaped body (I was previously a size 14 top/chest and size 10 waist... imagine trying to find a dress to fit that! I'm now a 14 top/12 bottom so a bit more in proportion) and was thinking maybe you should try the bigger sizes shops but just go for the 16s in those stores....? Maybe their sizing is more generous and the designs are more comfortable for different body types?

    I think the "normal" stores always cater their designs to long lean bodies, and as someone smaller but with curves, I find it hard to shop in them sometimes...

    Sounds like you're having a tough time - you have made such massive achievements with your weight loss, it's such a shame you're still hitting road blocks when shopping! Good luck!

    (also, i've been following your blog for a while and must say you always dress VERY well and have some stunning dresses - I'm sure you'll find something!

  2. You are in the same weight range as me but I'm about 3" taller than you. Have you tried Target because even at my heaviest weight (approx 95kgs) I was able to find tops that didn't make me look like I was wearing a tent and just team them up with a pair of black pants. I also did find some nice maxi dresses that fitted around the top and were flowing through the waist and hip area.

    I hope you find something suitable - it makes such a difference if you feel smart in what you are wearing. Have a wonderful birthday next week and take care !

  3. I'm still at 97kgs and only 5'4" inches and I find most 'normal' size 16s fit fine. Diana Ferrari, Liz Jordan, Noni B, Jacqui E and Table Eight to name just a few. Not sure if that helps - or maybe just highlights that we are made and shaped differently.

  4. Hi,
    I've been reading your blog for a long long time, you have come a long way and I reckon you should feel proud of yourself!
    Clothes shops suck ass! Have you tried Daniellas for dresses? They have heaps of different colours and styles, and I think they have stock sizes but can also organise alterations if a dress doesnt quite fit right.

    Dont let the sizings get you down, there doesnt seem to be a standard sizing system in aus! My clothes range from a 10 to a 16- I stopped caring about the size and focus more on the fit.
    Also, i think there are ebay sellers based in asia that make dresses based on your measurements if you arent in a hurry for it.
    Good luck for the dress hunting, and cheer up, you are awesome!

  5. I always really like the clothes you are wearing in your photos, you're always well dressed.

    Have you looked at Alannah Hill and/or Trelise Cooper? They tend to cut a bit better for figures which aren't straight up and down. I think Alannah only goes to a 14, but Trelise goes to 18.

  6. I always really like the clothes you are wearing in your photos, you're always well dressed.

    Have you looked at Alannah Hill and/or Trelise Cooper? They tend to cut a bit better for figures which aren't straight up and down. I think Alannah only goes to a 14, but Trelise goes to 18.

  7. I have the same issues honey. The trick is to dress for your shape and bugger the size. You have a gorgeous face, amazing eyes and glossy hair. Stick to something get stuff from Dream Diva online. Size 14 up but some really great party dresses. xxxxxx

  8. oooops, I lost half my post!! Stick to something that flows over bumps. A V neck and empire line highlights great boobs and deflects from your waist.

  9. That is such a cute dress! (Could you wear a cardigan to cover the back??) I had this EXACT same problem when I was losing (No kidding -- see my post -

    There is a size gap in clothing between a 14W and a normal 16 -- there is a range of about 2 sizes missing! I found that so frustrating, too! But don't worry -- you'll pass through those sizes soon and be on to the regular sizes.

    Please don't feel bad about how the 16s fit right now. Just think about how much closer you are to fitting than before you were banded. You're nearly there -- this is actually a pretty big NSV and you can feel great about that!

    (OK, I realize that it doesn't solve the b-day outfit problem, but if you think about the amazing things you'll be able to wear on your b-day next year and beyond, that may help you feel better!)

  10. Definitely don't let clothes determine your feelings of success - you've done brilliantly and clothing designers can go jump, IMHO! I have similar issues with clothes, despite ostensibly being "normal" sized...really gets on my nerves!

  11. 280 dollars? Man, that's steep. Don't get me wrong, its a nice enough dress (it makes your legs look good), but for 280 I'd want something fucking spectacular that fit me like a dream. Good choice on the no buy.

  12. Don't know what to say mate..... (((hugs))).

  13. The different sizes at the bottom to the top has always been a big problem for me too. One of the reasons I rarely look at dresses. The only thing I can think of is maybe a skirt and top. I know it's not as dressy, but it may be the only option :o)

  14. I have always hovered in no-mans land; just too big for a regular 16 but too small for larger shops' smallest size. Believe it or not it is actually far better than it used to be, a lot more stores do size 18.

    Remember you are under no obligation to say why you are handing back clothes to a sales assistant. Just say "oh well, no luck this time" or something vague - no need to use it as an opportunity to publicly beat yourself up.


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