Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Weigh In

It has been a long time since I have weighed in on this blog. I do weigh myself occasionally at home, but I don't really like the pressure of having to 'weigh in'. The last time I formally weighed in was back in April when I was 75.7 kilos (166 lbs), but at the time I was on a crazy low carb diet. As lovely as it was to see those low numbers, they didn't stick around for long once I caved and started eating carbs again.

I am hoping that getting back to weighing myself will give me the drive and accountability to lose 5-10 kilos (11 - 22 lbs) and be at a place where I feel more confident about my body and can comfortably wear clothes from the 'normal' shops. Not to mention the whole being a bridesmaid in a few months and not wanting to look huge in my coral chiffon dress! I also want to build my strength and fitness back up, but that doesn't have anything to do with weight loss and is more about exercising and eating the right foods to fuel my body.

The results...

Heaviest Weight: 129.7 kilos (285 lbs)
Current Weight: 79.5 kilos (175 lbs)

I am not too happy with that number because only last week I was at least a kilo lighter and since then I have had my eating 100% and been exercising. I strongly suspect that this is due to some new medication I started taking on Sunday that has given me crazy insomnia and I have slept less than 3 hours per night this week and last night I didn't sleep at all. So I am feeling like a puffy, tired, walking zombie at work right now. I can really understand why sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture!

December is going to be tough. I have to admit that I have never lost weight or even maintained my weight during December because I do love me some Christmas cheer! I am not one to say no to a glass (or bottle) of champers or any of the delicious treats that surround us at Christmas. I love having an excuse to catch up with all my friends and family and have a drink and a laugh so I don't want to miss out on that this year, I just need to be more careful. Easier said than done...

I have set myself the rather lofty goal to lose 3 kilos this December. This is going to be hard because even on my best weight loss months I struggled to lose 3 kilos. It is achievable and I will do my best to reach that goal and come back here on January 1st 2012 with a good weigh in.

Is anyone else pushing themselves with weight loss goals this December?



  1. Absolutely!
    I will match your goal!
    3 kilos = 6.6 lbs, round it up to seven cause I'm quite big right now!
    I will head over to Bed Bath and Beyond before I go home tonight and pick up a scale.

  2. I am shooting for 5 pounds (sounds close in kilos...) I will do this if I have to cut off some body parts!

  3. I'd like to lose another kilo of my baby weight over December... quite achievable if I stay off the wine, but the crackle of the bottletop is my reward at 5pm for surviving another day with the infant and toddler!

  4. I have been reading your blog for several years, but I don't think I have ever commented. I love your writing, and I enjoy reading about your adventures. You have a zest for life -- and I admire that! Plus, I love reading about the Land Down Under, it is my dream to visit Australia and New Zealand.

    So, enjoy your holidays, and I guess my advice would be to practice some moderation and perhaps take some long walks? I know that's what I will try to do, I am dearly hoping to avoid my usual 5 to 7 lb. gain. Cheers!!

    Betsey in Chicago

  5. I won't wish you luck; I'll wish you determination!!!!!! I've not got a figure in mind, but I'm joining the "I'm not gaining 5kgs over Xmas this year" wagon! Lets kick this shiz!!!! :0)

  6. I am hoping to be able to maintain my weight over the Christmas week but lose during the other three weeks of the month - will I succeed ? I don't know but I am going to certainly give it a bloody good try !

    Work hard and reap the rewards !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  7. Hi there. New followerer and first time commenter here. I'm dubiously aiming for a 3.9kg loss to get me down to 110kg but I think I may have to cut of an arm or a leg to do so. Wish me luck!

  8. I will settle for maintaining, as I am concentrating on water intake and regular exercise, but I am secretly aiming for a three kilo loss :o)

  9. I am most certainly shooting for a loss this month - despite going back to the States for two weeks for the holidays! I am hoping to lose 5kg between now and January 1st! You can do it!! xxx

  10. Yup, I am aiming to get as close as possible to 70kgs by 31 December (right now I'm 74.2 but hoping some of that is TTOTM-related).
    I actually lost weight over Christmas last year - only 1 kg but still, woohoo! I was pretty impressed with myself. I made sure I exercised 4 times a week and simply limited my portions of the yummy stuff rather than stuffing myself silly (which would be my normal course of action at this time of year).
    I'm also participating in a fellow blogger's holiday challenge so hoping the possibility of winning a HR monitor will spur me on to great things this year :)

  11. I have goals which cover December, but not specifically for it. Good luck with yours!


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