Monday, December 03, 2012

4 Weeks Post Body Lift

Today ends week 4 after my body lift surgery. By the end of this week I have really started to feel a bit more like my old self. I have to say that the absolute worst thing this week has been sneezing. I can tell you that there is nothing more painful or scary than sneezing after body lift surgery!

Thankfully, I am sleeping better this week, but I still need to sleep propped up by pillows and on my back. I am dreaming of the day I can sleep normally again. I think half my sleeping problems come from having to sleep on my back because I am normally a dedicated side sleeper. Also, I am not sure if it is the compression garment or the nightmares I have been having, but I have been suffering from bad night sweats and waking up dripping in sweat. I haven't even taken any pain killers this week so it can't be related to that, perhaps it isn't even anything to do with the body lift, who knows...

My movement seems to improve every day, but I struggle to imagine the day when I can bend over easily or do a sit-up, but I am sure I will get there eventually. Actually, I don't really want to do sit-ups anyway... The swelling is slowly going down but I am still puffy on my back, sides, tummy and outer thighs. The main swelling is on my back and, because I still can't stand up straight, I continue to look like a hunchback. It makes me look very top heavy, which I guess is a refreshing change from being bottom (well, stomach) heavy my whole life!

Photo taken 3rd Dec 2012
The weather has really been heating up here in Melbourne and life in a compression garment has not been very comfortable. It is fine when I am just lazing about the house with the air conditioner on, but when I have to wear clothes on top and get out and about, I get a little hot and bothered. I really can't complain though because it's much easier than having to deal with wearing that extra 6 kilos of skin my surgeon cut off!

After 4 very blissful weeks off to recover from surgery I am returning to work tomorrow. I am actually kind of looking forward to getting back into routine. I love being home and I can honestly say I haven't been bored for a single second, but I do need work to distract me from stuffing food in my gob all day. Despite getting a fill in my band on Saturday morning, I still managed to eat 2 sandwiches and 3 doughnuts today. I had 0.5 mls added to my band, taking me to 5.5 mls in a 10 mls band, but it obviously had very little effect...

In preparation for going back to work I have been shopping for long skirts and pants to cover my compression garments (they go well past my knees). I managed to pick up some cheap stretchy pants and skirts from Target and Kmart for less than $10 each-- this never happened when I was shopping for size 26 clothes! When I tried to put them away in my wardrobe it became apparent that I could not squeeze another thing inside and I had to purge...

I started by taking out a few hideous dresses that I always hated but continued to wear them because I had nothing else. Then it escalated until I had almost nothing left in my wardrobe except the few things that currently fit me. I put everything into piles and my mum is coming over tomorrow to take what she wants and then I will take the rest to the Salvation Army. It was a little sad to say goodbye to some of my favourite items, not to mention the clothes that I never wore because they were too small before surgery and are now too big... Why is sorting your closet always such an emotional experience? I am sure I will be much happier about it once I can go out shopping to replace the clothes that are too big, but right now it feels like a part of my life has been thrown out with those clothes. Too dramatic?

The piles of clothes to be taken away
I must end this and get some sleep before going back to work tomorrow. I just hope I actually remember to get up when my alarm goes of and go to work... and also what my computer password is...


  1. I've done a mini wardrobe cull myself and need to do another round I think.

    Maybe consider donating your clothes to this oganisation:

  2. P.S. I have held on to a few evening-ish dresses that I know are way too big for me now, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

    Why is that?!

  3. Hope things have gone well going back to work.........& that you remembered your password!!! No, not too dramatic; I've got stuff I'll never ever ever wear again but just can't bring myself to chuck em!!! Some fit, some will never fit (grew hips & an arse since) Just. cant. do. it.....


Awww thanks so much for the comment!