Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Post Surgery Follow Up

I had my second post-body lift surgery follow-up with my surgeon today. He took off my tapes and was immediately really pleased with how the wound was healing. He did notice I had some fluid on my back which he tried to get out with a needle but was unsuccessful (ouch). He said it will go down over time and I am really not too concerned. In fact, it made me feel better to know that there was a reason my back was still so swollen!

Waiting for my check-up.

My scar from the side. It's hard to tell, but my back is to the left of the  photo and my front is to the right of the photo (I have always had a pancake arse).

My scar from the front-- and more of me than you EVER wanted to have to see.

As you can see, I still have a lot of swelling, mostly on my lower back, outer thighs and sides. This is all normal and about 90% of swelling should subside by the 3 month mark and I will see my final results at the 6 month mark. How exciting!

My surgeon said I can stop wearing my compression garments now if I wish, but it's good to keep wearing them if I am happy to do so. Even though they can be painful in this heat (hello bloat), I will keep wearing them up until the 6 week mark and then maybe get myself a spanx binder that I can more easily wear in the summer. I actually feel more secure (not to mention thinner) when I am wearing my compression garments.

Now I don't have to see my surgeon for another 3 months... I almost feel normal again!


  1. Wowee, look how completely flat your tummy is! :)

  2. flatsy patsy - look at you!! can you post a photo of the playsuit or is it too big???

  3. You're looking amazing - and I totally applaud you for offering this honest chronicle.
    You've really reminded me why I began blogging, to offer a true look at what life with a lap band is like - good / bad / ugly and gorgeous.

  4. Wow! Im so excited for you and really impressed with how flat everything is and how good the scar looks. You are a brave soul and I thank you again for sharing your journey. I will keep reading and cheering!

  5. You must grin everytime you look in the mirror!!!! Front on I can see the makings of a lovely hourglass figure :) Soooooooooo happy for you!!!

  6. WOW!!!! looking fabulous! At first glance, 1st photo without reading I was confused as to why you have a scar on your upper thigh & what the string was for! I thought I was looking at a close up of a leg! No that's your middle & knickers!!!!!!! So happy for you xoxoxoxoxox

  7. You are looking so amazing already, so I'm sure once the swelling goes down you'll be thrilled to bits. Check out your gorgeous hourglass figure! Soooo happy for you xxx


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