Sunday, December 02, 2012

Body Lift Surgery Final Costs

As soon as I got all my receipts from my body lift surgery I sent them off to Medicare and my Health Insurer to claim any rebate I was entitled to for the surgery. I have laid out in the table below exactly what I paid and what I received back. As you can see, my out of pocket cost for the surgery came to $14,188.75.

This total is inclusive of the body lift surgery, a four night hospital stay, two compression garments and follow up appointments with my surgeon. I really don't know how this compares with other surgeons in Australia and overseas, but given how happy I am with my results, it was worth every cent.

Now I just need to find the money to start replacing my wardrobe because the only clothes I have that still fit me are my socks. This is a good problem to have!

Surgical fee $12,500$998.70$219.35$1,218.05$11,281.95
Hospital fee $1,138.50-$1,138.50$1,138.50$0.00
Insurance excess $500.00---$500.00
Anaesthetic fee $2,970.00$658.20$332.90$991.10$1,978.90
Compression garments $427.90---$427.90


  1. Do you still get to claim that on your tax or has the tax dept stopped that now?

  2. People pay twice that for a car that will last them 10 years max. This will give you a lifetime of health and happiness. Sooooo worth it! :-) xxx

  3. I'm with Kathryn... you should be able to claim back a heap at Tax time... not that it matters as I am sure you are still smiling and know its worth every cent!
    I am a bit shocked that your insurance didn't cover more of the surgery though.

  4. thank you so much. your blog has made this surgery so much less of a mystery to me. i worry about losing all this weight because i know i'm going to have excess skin. i've often felt like there was no point in getting healthy because i'd be stuck with it. now i'm thinking that this is actually affordable, that i could do it. thank you :)

  5. Yes you should be able to claim back on tax as the threshold is I think $2500? I know it's less than $3000.

  6. I know someone who had the procedure in Geelong and it cost her about $6000 out of pocket. Maybe it depends on the surgeon and hospital? Or if its for cosmetic reasons vs medical reasons?

    1. Nesour friend, are you able to find out where your friend had hers done, the surgeon she had, and the insurance she has? Thanks.


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