Monday, December 31, 2012

And So This Is Christmas

Phew, it is almost over! I have had so many Christmas celebrations this year that I am well and truly over it and ready for life to go back to normal. Well, not completely normal, I am enjoying the holidays from work of course!

Cosmo intently watching Connie put up her Christmas tree at the start of December

Our first family Christmas was at my place with my mum...

My version of a Christmas tree in a small apartment!

Me and AJ getting in the Christmas spirit

Heavily spiked egg nog

Connie cutting the turkey

Me filling up my glass from my awesome drink fountain

The delicious food: turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, corn bread, cranberry sauce and gravy... North American style for our Canadian family members!

AJ and my older brother

Me, my mum and my two sister in laws

Me and Connie back at her place (she lives practically next door so we tend to split parties up ove the two houses).

AJ proving that he is more like a dog than Cosmo, we call him scraps for a reason...

My younger brother and their (spoilt) dog Cosmo

Things go downhill when the singing starts...

We drove 4 hours to AJ's family house on Christmas morning... I hate driving with a passion and I even drove because sitting in the car for so long was too uncomfortable without something to take my mind off the pain in my back from my surgery.

AJ on Christmas day with his new little niece

Doing what all babies do and playing with the wrapping paper!

AJ's happy, he got the game he wanted

After lunch we drove a further 3 hours to my dad's place... 

Dad's version of a Christmas tree

Opening presents

Me on the hammock in my dad's lounge and being very worried I would bring the whole roof down if I broke it!

Dad carving the ham

The Christmas night feast

My younger brother and AJ

Me trying to recover from eating too much!

Always room for cherry pie...

Ah, something was funny???

Indoor cricket... probably not a good idea...

Me and Connie trying to look cute

AJ and my step mum choosing the Christmas music

Dad and I putting our feet up after dinner

Doing the twist... probably not something I should be doing after a body lift...

Boxing Day, relaxing in the sun at my dad's place

My dad's back yard

Cosmo playing in the channel at my dad's

Cosmo's little head poking up through the dam at my dad's, he thinks all the water is amazing!

One last family Christmas with my extended family at a winery in Daylesford...

Family wine tasting

My brother and sister in law enjoying the wine tasting

Yum, this was an amazing pinot, I bought a bottle to drink tonight on New Year's Eve

Delicious beer, of course many jokes were made about the name...

Me and Connie always take a few selfies

And that is it, a lovely, but exhausting Christmas with my family. I am very excited for 2012 to come to a close and start a fresh, bright new year.



  1. Happy Christmas and New Year! Love your Dads tree! Looks like you all had a great holiday.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

  3. Happy New Year!!! 2013 will hold amazing things! You look fabulous.

  4. Ummm, I guess you should boycott American women???? Happy new year and look forward to seeing u soon xx. Love all the photos.

  5. LOL yes, boycott American women.....shakes head.

    Love the photo's - you look fabulous!!!!!

    Wishing you an awesome 2013!!!!!!!! xoxo

  6. Wow..I am exhausted just reading that!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time though!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!