Tuesday, December 11, 2012

5 Weeks Post Body Lift

It has now been 5 weeks since I was sliced and diced for my body lift surgery. I would say that life has pretty much gone back to normal now, I am back at work, can go out shopping, socialise and have a few drinks. I am definitely not fully recovered though, after a few hours at work my abdomen starts to ache from being compressed in the seated position at my desk and I start to feel really uncomfortable and just want to lay out on my back. By the end of the day I am very swollen and sore, but that is still to be expected at this stage of the process.

The other day I ran across the road to beat a car and all I could think is 'ouch, I am not ready to exercise yet!'. Just jogging a few metres across the road was all kinds of uncomfortable. I don't think there is any exact time when you can start exercising again, you will just know when your body is ready. I am hoping that I will be feeling well enough to go on some walks over the Christmas break to build my strength up again.

I am still trying to keep pretty quiet because I seem to get tired very quickly, just doing the grocery shopping will leave me completely exhausted, but it is great to have an excuse not to have to help unpack the groceries! It is not the best time of year to be resting up because there is Christmas shopping, parties and nice sunny days to enjoy, but nurse AJ is pretty strict on me. I just hope by the new year I will be feeling more like my old self and ready to enjoy the summer.

I had a very nice surprise delivery from my surgeon late last week, he sent me a gift pack to pamper myself on my recovery. How sweet is that! You might notice that the brand of the gift pack is the same as my surgeon's last name, that is because his sister owns it, quite a talented family!

Last night I went to Kmart to pick up a few cheap basic tops to get me through my empty wardrobe stage and AJ made me try on this tiny little body-con dress to see what it would look like. I was too lazy to take off my compression garments so please excuse that terrible look, but here is the photo of me in a mini dress to give an idea of how my shape is coming along. I still have a lot of swelling on my back, but you can't see that in this photo. It is crazy for me to see myself with a bit of a waist, but I don't think I will be purchasing a mini dress any time soon!

Lastly, this picture is for my bloggy friend Cinders, she very kindly bought me an absolutely adorable PJ jumpsuit for my recovery. I kind of want to wear it everywhere though because it is way too cute to just wear to bed!


  1. Glad everything is getting back to normal for you. The jumpsuit looks fantastic - thanks for posting that pic.

  2. need a like button! the onesie is very cute!!!!!!!!!

    glad to hear you are well on the road to recovery; take the time you need to recover, surgery itself & all the chemicals required really do knock you about! xo

  3. You look SO cute in that jumpsuit. I think you need to go to a tropical resort, I think it would pass for a by-the-pool outfit! Cinders is very clever :-) xxx

  4. Wow...I think I want your surgeon to do my lift!

    And girl, you MUST buy that dress. You look AMAZING in it! Nice pair of killer heels (well ones that you can walk in!) and you're set.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!