Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Have To Get This Off My Chest

I removed this non-weight loss related post because it is concerning someone I work with and I don't feel comfortable about it.

Sorry! Trust me, it wasn't that interesting...


  1. Oh my gosh, Tully! What an infuriating person to work with! You have the patience of a saint to have been able to put up with her as much as you have done now, I probably would've gone around the bend a few times by now - ESPECIALLY in regard to racist behaviour which I am all too familiar with and have very little tolerance for -and I am fairly certain that you know the difference between 'taking the mick' and racist behaviour; I am totally cool with people taking the mick, but racism is pretty damn bad - especially with Melbourne being quite a multicultural place.

    She has been very lucky to have had your support for her work up till this point, and it angers me that she was so flippant about you enough to bitch to someone else! How DARE they!

    I am so thrilled to hear that you are not apologising to her, she doesn't deserve an apology or any of your time at all.

    We are here to listen to any of your rants, Tully! Blogging is such a great way to rant, and I'm glad that you shared your rant with us :-D {{{HUGZ}}}

  2. I am so glad I work with 3 men and only myself in the office!! lol I always thought it would be nice to in a large firm with 100 odd people but after reading your post, I am happy all by myself!! lol
    I would do exactly what you did, ignore her and make her do her own work .... who knows it may become too much and she'll move on to something else .... in another town!! lol


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  4. Wow, you guys did well to get through that post!

    Sticking up for myself was difficult and something I have never really done before. I still agonise over it a little bit and wonder if I was too harsh. I think if I had more confience then I would be able to be firm and not get taken advantage of, rather then waiting till the situation got extreme and snapping.

    I am hoping that she will leave, she constantly expresses much she dislikes Australia and our workplace, so hopefully she will leave. If she doesn't, I will have to look at leaving because I can't cope with her carry on!

    Thanks for listening to my rant. It was very cathartic to get it out!

  5. Don't lift a finger for her.
    If she has to do all her own work, your boss will soon see how incompetent she is and she'll get the sack. Then she's out of your hair :o)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!