Sunday, February 11, 2007

Backing Out

I am pulling out my Get Out Of Jail Free Card tomorrow and I'm not going to weigh in. I have a feeling it won't be pretty.

Some days you need to face up to that number and deal with it, some days seeing that number will bring you down. The way I have been feeling lately, I don't think seeing the weight gain will help me.

Enough is enough though, my numbers will be going down soon. I can feel every ounce of fat I have put on and I feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I have managed to cut out the drive thru, now my next goal is to stop eating take aways. No more pizza, Indian, Chinese or hamburgers for 1 month. If I feel like a pizza, I will have to make it myself, which will hopefully be a lot healthier and cheaper!


  1. Hi Tully! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! It's always so cool to hear from new people. :) You are not alone on your journey - I started my blog about a year ago and the support has been a HUGE help.

    Best wishes to you!!

  2. Thanks alot for stopping by my blog as well! I love the support that I have been feeling lately with my blog - just all of a sudden I am hit with comments and good vibes. Really looking forward to following your journey - thanks and enjoy the sunshine, you don't want snow - you really don't! :)

  3. Tully,
    I havent been spyeing on you :)

    I think you would be surprised to find plenty of bloggers in the same boat as you, people just dont want to talk about it.I'll talk about it with you,whenever,if ever you want.Take care sweets.

  4. Ahhhh, what an honour to have been spied on by Lisa Jane!

    I can totally understand where you're coming from with not wanting to face up to a number that is likely to make you feel even more crap on top of mad crapness (referring to your previous post with obnoxious work colleague! What a BITCH!) - its only since I've been weighing every day that I've been able to overcome that, but I remember just wanting to make myself feeling better and knowing that the number that scales the scales would tell me were not going to help.

    Good luck with cutting out the takeaways - though perhaps you can buy some of those jars of Chinese sauces and bags of frozen veggies, and perhaps buy some mince and add some ingredients to it and freeze some patties for yourself when you get the urge on?

    All the same good luck, and there is always a place for you on Push And Be Pushed if you like :-)

  5. Hey girl. You and I are in the same boat. I have avoided weigh in for two weeks. I weigh in on Thursday. I can't hold back anymore. I know that I have probably put a couple of pounds back on, but I have to keep trying. You are doing great. It will get easier.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!