Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lazy Sunday Ramblings

I am still incredibly sore from helping my brother move Thursday night. We were working at it until 11.00pm and then got up at 6.00am to finish it off Friday morning before work. My shoulders and forearms are particularly sore, I can barely lift a bottle of water without groaning in pain! I have been pretty stuffed this weekend, so I have taken it easy and just been laying about the house, doing all the little things like cleaning, washing and shopping. I have a busy week next week, so I am trying to revitalise myself and lift my mood.

The apartment my brother moved into has a heated pool, so I really want to use that as an opportunity to start swimming. I have a pretty bad achilles tendon injury, so I really need to do some weight supportive exercises and swimming will be perfect. I have been searching the net for some bathers and I can't really find what I want. I was really hoping to get two piece (no not a bikini!) of shorts and a singlet top. I know that no matter what I wear I am still going to weigh 113 kilo's, but I am very self conscious of my legs. A side effect of my PCOS means that I have extremely hairy legs and there is no way I could cope with baring them in public. I epilate the lower half of my legs, but it is too much to do all of my legs and I can't shave because the hair grows back every day and it is coarse and irritating. So I wanted some shorts to cover that, but I can't find anything in my size. If anyone reads this and has any suggestions, please let me know!

I am looking forward to watching the Australian series of The Biggest Loser (TBL) that starts tonight. It is on every night, so I might use that 30 minutes as a time to exercise while I watch it. While I know that the weight loss on TBL is a bit extreme, it is still inspirational to watch. The one thing I hate is that every week someone gets eliminated. I don't know why they have to eliminate anyone, I would much prefer to see everyone have the chance to stay and lose weight. It seems very cruel to use these desperate people as entertainment and then kick them off just to make the show more interesting. I personally think it would be more interesting to keep all the contestants on the show and give them an equal chance to lose weight and compete for the prize money, but I don't have a very competitive nature so that might just be me.

Anyway, the show goes for 12 weeks I think, so that might be a good time frame for me to step it up and try and make some progress along with the contestants. I figure that in 12 weeks time I will be sitting on the couch watching the finale of TBL and I can either be the same weight (or heavier) then I am now or I can push myself and be a thinner, fitter and healthier person. I want to be sitting here watching the dramatic transformation of the contestants on TBL in 12 weeks and feel proud of myself, knowing that I made a positive change as well.

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  1. My swimsuit is this one piece from Ezibuy - which I think they do in two piece format as well; I guess you could find your own board shorts from somewhere else (or perhaps team them up with these ones). But of course the problem with Ezibuy is the availability of sizes, never mind the price. (Though I loves the underwire support which I have not yet found anywhere else!) Good luck to you on your hunt for a good swimsuit-short combo; I used to get mine custom made and they set me back $300 odd O_O

    My shoulders and upper back are particularly sore too - but from Body Combat, rather than moving house... I think I know which one I'd rather do - Combat! (Mind you, moving house versus a broken heart?)


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