Monday, February 26, 2007

Reality Check

I updated my stats on my sidebar to show a gain of 2.5 kilo's (113-115.5). I think this happened a few weeks ago, but I have been avoiding the scales for a while and living in that lovely place called Denial.

To be honest, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I might have gone back up to about 118.5 kilo's because my body seems to sit at that weight quite easily. Every time I get lax with my eating, my weight seems to head straight to 118.5 and stay there.

In light of recent events (see my last post) I am really focused on being healthy, rather then losing weight. I want to feed my body with good, nutritious food and just be kind to it. I feel like I have put my body through a lot; binging, starving, too much exercise, not enough exercise... My body has put up with a lot and it is about time I re-paid it with a bit of kindness.

I did grocery shopping yesterday and bought lots of luscious fruit, fish and veggies. I had a lovely ravioli for tea tonight filled with my favourite Mersey Valley cheese, topped with a zucchini and tomato pasta sauce. Tomorrow night I am making a chili bean con carne (minus the carne) and I can't wait. Yum!

Whenever I try to eat healthy I always tend to eat foods I don't like very much. I seem to equate healthy eating with dry, tasteless food. So from now on I am going to find the balance between eating healthy and eating the foods I love. They might not have the lowest fat or calorie count, but if they are nutritious and tasty, then I am going to eat them. The pasta I chose for tea tonight was not the lowest fat choice I could have made, but it was reasonably healthy and it was something I actually wanted to eat.

Now, speaking of people who starve their bodies of nutrients, I am going to watch the Oscars.


  1. You know nearly every post you've done lately I can so relate to! It is bizzare, it must be the standard fat girl daily torment.
    I am so glad we are losing weight to change this horrid cycle!!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog ...


  2. I think it's great that you have started looking at making better choices with food. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in calories and fat grams, that we lose the big picture. I am sure you are going to do great!

  3. Heheh - yeah, those Oscar winners sure were looking skinny. And I can so relate to you right now - I have gained as well, but of course I haven't had the guts to weigh in and post it on my sidebar! Take care and good luck with things.

  4. I used to be like this too - for a long period of time I was in this horrible state of denial where I thought I was a size 16, where in reality I was a size 24! O_O

    All of that beautiful healthy food sounds like exactly the sort of thing your body needs - and hey, if you have to become healthy, you need to enjoy doing it, and that's not going to happen with eating food that you don't like! I have loads of fun thinking of healthy, delicious foodies, and have great fun cooking them up - its a wicked sense of achievement and the way your body feels afterwards is pretty damn awesome. You deserve that feeling!

  5. Hey Tully - its been a while, hope things are okay over there!


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