Sunday, February 11, 2007

Injury Whinge

Gees I have been slack this week! The good news is that I picked up me exercise bike from my mum's, so this week I am going to get on it no less then 3 times. I have said it out loud, so now I have to do it!

I really need to do some weight supportive exercise because my Achilles tendinitis is really bad, I can barely walk some days. I went to the Physio a few months back, but he just said the normal, stretch it, ice it, rest it. I have already been doing that for 2 years and there has been no improvement, so that was a waste of $60. I am going to go to the podiatrist, I just have to wait until I get paid (I hate monthly pay cycles!).

I actually hurt it four years ago when a trainer at the gym pushed me too hard on the treadmill with the incline right up and I was too scared to say that it hurt. I don't think she knew anything about training obese and unfit people, I don't even think she had seen anyone as fat as me because she did not hid her shock when she weighed me and the scale said 116 kilo's. Then of course I didn't seek treatment for four years because I was too embarrassed because of my weight, I thought the doctor would just say it was because I am fat (plenty of times that has happened to me at the doctors), so I just persevered with the pain.

My dad used to be a trainer with a football club, so he is trained in sports injuries and he thinks that it is now chronic and might need surgery. I am pretty scared that he might be right and scared of how much that will cost me $$$. I just have to do some thing though because it is impacting on my life and stopping me from being able to walk and do the things I want to do, walking to work is extremely painful and even grocery shopping is almost impossible.

So my plans for exercise over the next few months will be to use the exercise bike, swim, do weights and ab work, all things that shouldn't hurt my heel. I still haven't bought any bathers, so that won't be happening for a few weeks (once again, I am waiting to be paid), but I can do the other stuff.

I am aiming to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 times this week. I'll check in this time next week and hopefully I will have stuck to it.


  1. Hey Tully - do you mind if I mention your achilles tendonitis to my trainer? He might be able to recommend some suitable exercises for you, since that injury sounds really sucky! (I ask him all sorts of stuff for other people, and I'm pretty damn lucky that he obliges and doesn't charge me extra O_O)

    I'm glad to hear that you've got your exercise bike, since that'll be easier on your achilles, and the bane of most overweights peoples existence, the knees and lower back.

    I remember having a particular disorder that needed medication, though when I went to the doctor they just told me I needed to lose weight. I lost 10kg, and was WORSE because the weight was never the problem in the first place, and in the end the doctors had to experiment with several horrible combinations of strong drugs.

    Good luck with getting in that exercise every week, at let me know what you think about me asking Adam for his opinion on what you can do :-)

  2. Hey Marshy, I would really appreciate it if you could ask Adam about my injury- he sounds like quite the guru!

    Your experience with the doctor sounds horrific! Medical professionals can certainly make it hard for us over weight people to seek help. Once a few years back I had to have a small operation on my tummy and and the doctor told me that I was too fat to be operated on and they didn't make instruments big enough. At the time I was 104 kilo's, which is large, but it was not like I was 300 kilos!!! Anyway, the op went ok and a couple years later I had to have another one, I was 10 kilos heavier and I asked the doctor if they would be able to get instruments long enough and he looked at me strangely and said "of course!"

  3. Hey Tully - I'll be sending you a more detailed email later, though one thing that Adam said is that a podiatrist probably wouldn't be relevant to your injury, and you should probably think about a return visit to the physio - since I'm assuming that the condition has become worse over the past few months.

    Long story short - I think you have to focus on rehabilitating your achilles BEFORE diving head first into the big weight loss effort. This post from Dietgirl beautifully exemplifies the change of focus that you probably will have to go through, and this post details the struggle you could be in for if you don't.

  4. Wow, I am certainly glad I heard that before watsing my money on the podiatrist!

    Thanks so much for investigating that for me!!!

    I totally agree with you about taking it easy, but I have this thing about being perceived as a lazy fat person who is trying to find an excuse not to exercise. Stupid I know.

    I met my mum and gran in the city yesterday for lunch, by the time I got home I literally couldn't walk and spent the evening hopping around, so it is definitely getting worse all the time.

    My other thought is that I should maybe look at getting health insurance before delving into this treatment, if I need surgery it could be very expensive!


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