Friday, May 18, 2007

- 0.5 kilos

I was pretty happy to see a half a kilo loss this morning on the scale. After last weeks mammoth loss of 2.5 kilos I wasn't expecting much of a loss, if anything.

My only annoyance is that I am now 110.5 which is equal with my lowest weight in recent years. I am dying to see some fresh numbers, numbers that I haven't seen since the 90's. Hopefully next week I will see some new numbers. I am aiming for a 100% week, Friday nights are my biggest downfall, but I will do my best...

Achievement of the week: I jogged on the treadmill for 5 minutes during the week! This is the first time I have jogged in about 15 years. I jogged for a minute, walked a minute, then jogged a minute etc for 10 minutes (so 5 minutes of jogging all up). I could feel it in every muscle of my legs. I was actually only jogging at 6 kph, which is a pace that I have walked at, but jogging instead of walking is so much harder (especially when my poor little legs have to carry all that extra lard). I can't wait to keep going with it and gradually build up to being able to jog without stopping for 10 minutes. That is still a very long way off, but definitely something to aim for!


  1. Congratulations on the loss, but even more so, congratulations on the JOGGING! Wow!

    Like you, when I started, I could walk faster than I could 'run', and I could only keep it up for about 30 seconds, so I am so over the moon that you are able to do 5 minutes! WELL DONE!

    And 10 minutes does seem like a far off, but having achieved that goal myself, I can tell you that its FANTASTIC.

  2. You should be proud .... You really have found your mojo!!
    If you find mine.... send it home!! I am stuffed at the moment ... literally!! lol...

    3 kilos in two weeks ..... Fanbloodytastic!!

  3. Hey congrats on the loss! And congrats on the treadmill! Thats just great - and such a good way to start. Keep it up.

  4. Great news! Jogging is so tough at first, especially when you don't have a runner's body (Lord knows I don't!) but it gets better and you're smart to start off slow. I've been jogging for the past year but got sidelined due to an ankle injury. Now I can't wait to get better and start up again.

  5. Woo hoo on the loss and jogging! Way to go!


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