Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick Update

So Saturday night turned out to be fun. I actually danced all night and didn't feel too self conscious. I worked up quite a sweat too, I must have burnt quite a few of those vodkas off. It was fun to dance, but I still prefer a quiet night in.

I gained half a kilo this week. I have no idea why and so I am refusing to believe it. There is no way that can be accurate considering how well I ate (except for the drinks on Saturday night) and how much I exercised.

I worked out my highest weight and current weight in pounds today- they are pretty scary numbers:
Highest weight: 282.7 pounds
Current weight: 249.7 pounds
I can't believe that I weigh 250 pounds! I think I prefer kilo's, not quite as alarming to look at...

My new favourite exercise this week- boxing. My flatmate holds the pads up and I box with gloves. It is such a great work out and heaps of fun too.


  1. I bet the drinks on Saturday have had a HUGE impact on your most recent weigh in. Alcohol retains fluid like nothing I've ever seen before, so to get rid of that half kilo, drink it off with H-Two-Oh.

    Boxing is incredibly fun, I love it when Adam does boxing with me (though I won't be able to do it for a long time yet, until this neck of mine is healed - so I'm incredibly jealous of you *sob*)

  2. I weigh just about the same as you! I like the idea of switching to kilos! LOL

  3. I am so happy to hear that you had a good time. Great to hear that you danced the night away. And - the weight gain doesn't count. :) Start fresh, have a good one.

  4. Boxing sounds like loads of fun, especially if you are pissed off about something. I would love to box my way out of a bad mood if I could. Hmmm....


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