Friday, May 25, 2007

- 0.5 Kilos

Another half kilo loss this week to bring me down to 110 kilos. This is my lowest weight in a few years, which should be exciting, but it is a bit anti-climatic because it was such a struggle to get here.

I am slightly disappointed that it wasn't a bit more of a loss. I prepared fresh meals every night this week of veggies and lean meant, as opposed to my normal lean cuisines and packet pastas. I also had a bit of a motto to push just a little bit harder with exercise every night. Every time I thought I had done enough, I would do a little bit more. I was hoping that these factors combined would give me a 1 kilo loss, but I guess that pizza from last Friday is coming back to haunt me. I just feel like that at my weight I should still be able to lose a kilo a week if I try really hard. Anyway, a loss is a loss and I will stop complaining.

I am all set for tonight, (Friday night is always my downfall) I got up half an hour earlier and did my exercise because I struggle to find the motivation to exercise on a Friday night. Last night I went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients for my low fat BBQ chicken pizza for tonight. The only obstacle will be that I have a fuck load of homework to do this weekend and what makes doing homework easier? Chocolate. I will resist though, I promise.

I am (again) aiming for a 100% week. In exactly a week my brothers and I are taking my dad away for his 50th birthday. I made a pledge to myself that I would lose as much weight as I could before I go as sort of a gift for my dad. Not that I will tell him that, but I know it would make him really happy to see me looking healthier. I really wanted to at least be under 110 kilos before then, so I have 1 week and I should be able to do it.


  1. *does the happy dance* ..... You are doing so well!! Another half a kilo!! I am sure you will get into the 109's before the party!! If not, you are already doing really well!!
    The pizza sounds nice, might try that one myself this weekend. It is great to spice up the diet hey? Instead of chicken and salad, stirfrys blah blah. .... makes you realise that you don't really have to miss out on anything anymore.
    Have a great weekend, Tully!! You should be proud!!

  2. Careful Tully - you're starting to sound like you're yet again, putting too much pressure on yourself; expecting a 1 kilo loss and 100% perfection - as you've realised, your efforts and your achievements should be the cause for celebration, NOT disappointment.

    I don't want to be a killjoy or anything, I'm just worried that you might get a little bit too focused on the numbers when those fresh meals and the jogging you did are MUCH bigger indicators of your shift towards a healthy lifestyle.

    You MUST be feeling better inside, right?

    And the other thing - if chocolate makes you feel better while you're doing homework, I say, go right ahead! Though make sure you enjoy it, and it is an apt reward for all of the work you're going to be doing.

    I'm not sure whether I worded this comment the way I wanted to, but really, I'm thrilled for you and am a bit sad that you weren't as thrilled as I am.

  3. OH yeah! So excited for you. I know that it sucks thought when you feel like you have had the best week - and then you get on the scale and it doesn't move. Grrr. A loss is a loss - and take it and run with it. Kick some ass next week. So happy for you - keep bloggin!

  4. congrats on the loss! You know what went wrong, so now you can change it. No one can be perfect all the time. And some days we just need the

  5. I am sure you will do it chick! Remember, sometimes we have a small loss for a week or two, then BANG...a really good one comes along... hang it there, you are doing everything right.


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