Friday, May 11, 2007

-2.5 Kilo's

I just knew the half a kilo gain earlier this week could not be right, which was why I refused to properly acknowledge it. I could feel my body getting back in balance so I decided to have a sneak peak at the scales because I wanted to banish that horrible 113.5 number from my mind. Low and behold I had dropped 2.5 kilos (5.5 pounds) since Monday's weigh in and I am now 111 kilos.

Obviously Monday I was carrying a lot of fluid from my drinking and I was just finishing my period, so I like to think it is not an unsafe weight loss. It is probably just showing the fat that I have burned over the past couple of weeks that was masked by my period.

I am now half a kilo off my lowest weight in years. Just before Christmas last year I starved myself silly to get down to 110.5 kilos and of course piled it all back on. Before that, the lowest I got to in recent memory was 98 kilos back in 2004.

I haven't been able to notice a huge change in my body yet, but I feel like from this point on every few kilos will make a difference. It is all good new fresh numbers from here!


  1. YEAHAHAHAH! That was a great blog for you! Congrats to you on your loss - that is just amazing. You must feel just great.

  2. Well done! And think about how safely you have achieved this, you are 500g away from Christmas Last Year's weight without going absolutely insane (unless there's something you aren't telling us! ;-))

    It takes AGES to notice changes in your body. I still find it hard to see changes in mine. You see changes in other things - like walking to the bus stop much faster.

    Before you know it, you'll be in double digits! WOOoOOooooOOOoo!

  3. CONGRATS!! You're so close to your 2007 goal weight. Great work!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!