Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weight Watchers Online

After thinking about joining Weight Watchers for some time, I have finally joined the Weight Watchers Online program. I must be about the only dieter I know who has never tried WW before, but I have always been held back by the price and I guess I was also apprehensive about going to meetings. I have heard so many great success stories from people that do WW, so I thought it was finally time I gave it go.

I have to admit that a part of me didn't want to join WW because I have always found people that talk in 'WW points' slightly odd. It is like another language between some people I know and I find it kind of boring when they start talking about the number of points in everything they eat. Don't even get me started on the idea of weighing food before I eat it, I do not have the patience...

This may sound backward, but the reason I decided to join WW is to ensure I eat enough each day. Airlie wrote a post today that got me thinking about the number of calories I eat everyday. I have a bad habit of eating too little when I diet (look where that has got me), so I thought that if I had a set point range to aim for I would feel less guilty about eating. I like following a plan because it eliminates some of the doubt I have in myself to make the right choices. With WW I am set 25 points a day, so the rule-follower in me will aim to stick to 25 points a day.

WW Online has cost me $75 for a 3 month plan, so far I haven't really found much that I couldn't get for free on SparkPeople, but already it has given me a much needed boost in motivation, so it has been worth every cent!


  1. I hate "points talk" too! It's funny, I don't mind talking about the nutritional value of various foods- somehow I've become the oracle on what constitutes "healthy" for one of the guys at work- probably because I keep telling him that his habit of eating enormous bags of cashews isn't as healthy as he tells everyone. But talk about points bores me to tears!

    But I can see how you could go well on WW, if you're sticking to the rules-- I don't think I eat enough, either, I'm tryin got work on ways of getting extra food in, without feeling like I'm overdoing it (a fine line!).

    Good luck with the WW!

  2. Good stuff for joining up Tully - I think you will really enjoy the WW online. I am currently going to meetings, but found online good too. Let us know how you get on!

  3. Good Luck Tully, Im sure you will do a great job.

    I never got my head round the points thig either, and ended up back to calories anyway. Like you said, its the initial motivational thing that helps.

    Gill x

  4. Heya Tully! I know the points thing can be a bit monotonous, but i find it a good tool at measuring food items against each other (eg weighing up a tin of baked beans V tin of soup?? cant think of anything else right now to compare) & as a percentage of my daily requirement. It can also help stop eating packaged food if you cant be bothered working out the point value & just having a bit of fruit. Good luck :0)

  5. Good luck with WW Tully!
    It's the only thing that has helped me lose weight. I was so resistant to the idea, but hey, it works for me.

  6. I'm afraid that I am one of those annoying 'points' folks! Once you get started and see the results, you will be hooked and counting too! ;)

    Congrats on your decision, I joined back in September and have lost over 50 pounds so far..You Can Do It!!

    Can I give you a suggestion? I find that actually going to the meetings and being able to listen and talk to folks that are going thru the same thing helps tremendously. Online is nice, but I have always been a paper/contact person. Go to at least one meeting - if it is not your bag, continue online.

    Good luck to you either way!!

  7. oh my gosh! Thank u for the mention! I feel like a celebrity!!!

  8. Hi! I once belonged to WW online, but found it hard to update every day. The meetings were probably more beneficial for me because I had to actually attend and weigh in. It was also nice to be around other people. I quit going because our group leader was not a very good motivational speaker, so it didn't last with me. I have thought about going back to WW online, now that I am holding myself more accountable. I can use all of the tools I can get.

  9. Good luck with your new program. It's nice to find something that has given you some motivation.

  10. WW, like anything, works when you stick to it. Maybe paying the money that you were hesitant to pay will give you motivation to stick it out.

  11. I have never been to WW either... come to think of it I have never followed any strict diet plan other than having to go Gluten free due to coeliac...
    Good luck with it...

  12. I guess it all comes down to what you're used - personally WW is the only thing that does work for me, hence the reason I rejoined at the start of the year.

    I think the greatest thing about the program is the flexibility, I can actually enjoy a social life, dining out etc without feeling guilty as long as I stick to the points - that's what suits my lifestyle best!

    Good luck with it all, i'll be interested to see how you go.


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