Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre-surgery Diet

I can't believe I have less than four days until I get my lapband! I am still on the pre-surgery optifast diet and it is killing me. I honestly did not think I would make it through the weekend without a binge. I came very close about twenty times to going and getting my favourite burger from Grill'd. The only thing that stopped me was a nagging fear that if I cheated on my pre-op diet, I might jeopardise my surgery. I know one slip up probably wouldn't make a difference, but I don't really need one more thing to worry about.

It didn't help that I ran out of coffee and strawberry optifast, the only two flavours that are in any way palatable and I was stuck eating the chocolate (or should I say dirt) flavoured optifast. I have ordered more coffee and strawberry shakes, but they won't be here until the end of the week. Sunday afternoon I had enough and we ended up going on a hunt to every pharmacy in the western suburbs to find the coffee flavoured optifast and we did finally find a box, so that has made life much easier. If anyone is doing optifast, I HIGHLY recommend you buy the strawberry and coffee shakes (and I don't normally drink coffee).

My other saviour has been Saxby's diet soft drinks, these are the yummiest diet soft drinks I have ever tried. My favourite flavours are pineapple and cream soda- they are so good. I have one every night and they are the best part of my sad existence at the moment. I think these drinks are going to mix very well with vodka too- once I am finished with my pre-op diet of course!

At the moment I am just having three optifast shakes a day, which I now realise is a diet that the government should use to torture suspected terrorists. All I think about is food all day and all night. If I am watching TV and there is a piece of cake in the background, all I see is the cake and then all I can talk about is the cake (which is probably more tortuous for the people I live with than for me). I have had to ban the TV show Masterchef because they kept cooking with bacon on Friday night and it was enough to make me want to cry. Now I am through the weekend I think I am through the worst of it and no matter how bad this is, I know it will be worth it in the end!


  1. babe in all seriousness, i believe that the reason i rarely stray from my trainer-approved eating regime is because i am not held hostage by advertising.

    not watching television undoubtedly removes 200 images of junk food from my line of vision per day.

    at least.

    masterchef, is crap. you can totally live without it.

    i admire and respect your determination to get your coffee shakes. that is just the attitude you need to succeed with your lapband.

    take no prisoners and don't accept 'circumstance'. make reality what you want it to be.

    you rock baby x

  2. Ohhh - just caught up on your posts. Good on you!! Wishing you all the luck for the surgery. I seen some very happy people around that have made this decision as well!

  3. Man I hated the Optifast shakes, so used another brand which my surgeons office supplied.

    Good on you for not straying from the Opti, it's hard yakka, but worth it in the end!

  4. Well done on the perserverance front! Not long to go now :0)

  5. Keep up the good work babe - I am glad you perservered and found some coffee flavour to help get you by. Optifast is hard no doubt. But you are doing it all for the right reasons. It's for now not forever, just remember that.

    Food on TV is a bastard! Truly. There needs to be like a parental control on that shit.

  6. Hi there,

    My name is Cara and I stumbled on your blog today. Go you for making a great decision (with only four days to go.. whooo) and sticking with the optifast. I'm in exactly the same position. I'm over a stone down since starting opti almost two weeks ago, and I'm being banded in 11 days.. eek! lol.. seriously, I read back on all your blogs from the beginning. You are a strong, vibrant girl and you are gonna kick band ass! Congrats..
    Ps look forward to more blogs. We are not far apart in timing so I will take the ride with you!

  7. I have done it i have my letter for the doctor.. I have to go to an information night before i can sign up im excited!!

  8. Light at the end of the tunnel babe, you will see it real soon!

  9. Only 4 days!!! You can stick to anything for 4 days, I know you can :)

    Cant wait to hear how the surgery went! I secretly thought about looking into the lapband since I saw Mohammed Ali's Daughter on the news talking about it a couple of years back

  10. You are doing beautifully! Keep up the good work.
    Remember you can have some veggies while you are on optifast(it's in the instructions). That is part of what kept me from killing people when I was pre surgery.
    Keep your mind on the goal, you will be there in no time! :)

  11. Just found your blog and I want to wish you the best of luck with the lap band surgery. I've also considered it and gastric bypass, but right now I'm trying to lose the weight on a medically supervised fast. It's working, but it's fucking hard not eating a damned thing. I can so relate to the many things on your list as to why you want to lose weight. I'll be cheering you on from southern Cali. GOOD LUCK!

  12. I cant wait to see how everything goes for you. I wouldnt mind trying it as well, but I fear I would lose weight too quickly and be left with alot of loose skin. Something I dont need any more of!!

    Best of luck with it all xx

  13. Are you doing the powdered shakes, or the pre-made shakes? I'm on Optifast also, but I MUCH prefer the pre-made shakes. Then I throw them in the blender with some benefiber & beneprotein (don't know if you can have that). When the 2 powders are done blending with the pre-made shake, I throw in a cup of ice. The chocolate pre-made is MUCH better than the powder shake.

    Also, try the Optifast tomato soup. It is very tasty.

    I wish you continued success on your journey!

  14. just came across your blog and I have a friend who has a lap band and she said it is permanent. Are you sure it can be removed?
    Apparently it just gets let out when you get to your goal weight.


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