Monday, May 25, 2009

Surgery Recovery

I am a few days banded now and I am doing ok. I am in a little more pain than I was expecting. I had read about people that walk out of hospital right after surgery and go back to work the next day, so I thought for sure I would be like that... My experience has been quite different, but I am feeling better and better each day.

The main problem has been that I haven't been able to get much liquid down, which means I can't take any pain killers. I am sure I would be fine if I could take some pain killers, but it has been a little tough without them. I have also struggled to sleep because of the pain, which makes me quite sooky during the day.

I am feeling better each day and I have managed to get down about 300ml of juice today, though I feel at bursting point after drinking. I am still not hungry at all and I just can't imagine eating right now. Even though I am not hungry, I still see the ads on TV and think, mmm that looks good, I wish I could eat that. Lucky for me, I can't!

I will be on liquids for two weeks (juice, smoothies, jelly), basically anything that will go up a straw. Then I will be on soft food for two weeks (mashed potato, scrambled eggs, yoghurt). Right now, the idea of scrambled eggs sounds like about the best thing I could ever eat!

OK, back to taking very small sips of my juice.


  1. Wow Wow Wow!!! I haven't read any blogs for so long and I thought I'd pop in to see how you were going and look out!!!!! Wow!!!
    I can't comment yet coz I have to scroll down and start from the beginning!! .... Bare with me I will be back!!!
    You rock!! I can't wait to read more!!!!


  2. Are you feeling tired because you are not eating?

    I bet you are glad now that you planned plenty of time off work.


  3. Ouch, could you try grinding up the painkiller and putting it into your liquid? that way you wouldn't need to get so much down to take them.

  4. Aren't there liquid pain killers? Or do what BI suggests? You must be in a lot of pain.

  5. Welcome to the other side! Try breaking up your pills to swallow them. I was on the pain killers for at least a week - I couldn't imagine doing it without! If you think the food craving is bad now wait till after the 2 weeks of liquids! haha

    Anyway, take it easy and rest as much as possible while you can

    Em :)

  6. Congratulations on a successful procedure! I hope you are feeling better and better every day. I will look forward to reading about your success in the future.

    I'm sending best wishes from Chicago.

  7. Good for you and the best of luck to you!

    PS: take it easy : )

  8. i am so glad that you are doing so well! I am hoping that you can have painkillers by now, if not I would go and get a gentle jab in the bum! Glad they fixed up the hernia too

  9. Hey Tully,

    Best of luck on your recovery,

    Just another blog recommendation for you of a lapbander who is trying her hand at running!

  10. I was lucky. They gave me liquid vicodin (tropical flavor) and that went down smooth! Any possibility they could get you some?

    Congrats on the surgery. Take it one day at a time and walk! It helped me feel better.

  11. Hi Tully
    This is Nicky Eggleton, who you would remember from my old blog Begsysbride.
    I have been avoiding all weight related blogs for a few months now, having my own issues with my increasing weight and denial of such. It was my perfect health & weight/gorgeous and good sister who told me about your efforts with the surgery, she is an avid reader apparently.
    I am so happy for you, so glad you made this decision. It is so life changing and the start of liberation for you. Did you ever see Australian Story on Mikey Robbins having lapband surgery? He lost several dozens of kilo's through it and never looked back.
    Thats you. I wish it could be me as well.
    Lapband surgery should be fully covered by medicare. It our Government were more proactive it would assist with such, and save heaps of money in the long term.
    Will you please be my facebook friend? Nicola Eggleton (picture of a tattoo of my name on my husbands arm).
    Take care gorgeous.
    Nicky Eggleton

  12. Hi.... I have to take other medication for my back and was able to do so after lapband. My surgeon wasn't concerned about me taking any wouldn't stretch the band or anything. Still, I crushed my tablets in a spoon of smooth jam to start with just in case. I also took disoluble panadol for the first week or so. Just wait until the "fizz" goes out of them and then drink them....not pleasant tasting....but they do the trick!! Good luck and I will follow along on how you are doing:)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!