Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day In The Life

So Kristy asked me recently to post a typical day of eating now that I have been banded. I know every person that gets banded is different and every surgeon gives different advice, so this is just what I do and not necessarily what you should do!

I eat two meals a day, lunch and dinner, which I know is sacrilege to the typical dieter who believes breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I have never been into eating breakfast, it is just one more annoying thing that I don't have time to purchase, prepare or eat, so I happily gave this away.

I very rarely snack between meals and if I do get really hungry I will eat a piece of fruit. The two meals I eat each day are normally 400-500 calories each, which I just guess as I am going along, because I would rather put hot pokers in my eye than count calories. Both meals I eat are normally quite small in size, though probably bigger than the 1 cup per meal that the surgeon recommends. I don't have much restriction in my band, so 1 cup of food would not satisfy me at all.


I don't get very inventive with lunch because I just don't have time to prepare or eat it at work, so I just get whatever is quick and easy.

~ Toasted wholegrain sandwich with tinned spaghetti/baked beans
~ Wholemeal pita wrap with turkey breast and salad
~ Vita wheat crackers with a tin of tuna
~ Sushi roll with salmon


I eat out for dinner quite a bit with friends or for work and I generally order the scallops or the fish with a salad. When I am at home, you can pretty much guarantee that one of my stock standards below will be cooked! I like cooking new things on weekends when I have time, but the below are my week day favourites.

I do try to avoid carbs where possible and stick to lean meats and vegetables, but I am not always perfect!

~ Grilled fish with salad or veggies
~ Pita bread pizza with onion, capsicum, olives, chili, feta cheese and bacon
~ Chili con carne with light sour cream and cheese
~ Lasagna (Lean Cuisine)
~ Crumbed chicken breast with steamed veggies and gravy
~ Butter Chicken (Lean Cuisine)
~ Baked potato with coleslaw, bacon, onion, light cheese and light sour cream
~ Quesadilla with chicken mince, spices, onion, capsicum, salsa, light cheese and light sour cream
~ Omelet with spring onion, capsicum, cheese and ham

If I feel like something sweet after dinner I will have one of the following...

~ Chuppa chup lolly pop
~ Light ice cream with a little light peanut butter and light chocolate sauce
~ Nestle diet chocolate dessert pudding cup
~ Weight Watchers hot chocolate pudding with a scoop of light ice cream

I am sure that a lot of people who have been banded can't eat some of the things I eat, but I don't have much restriction in my band and I can pretty much eat anything as long as I eat it slowly.


  1. Thanks Tully!

    That's great you can still eat bread, and vitaweets. From what I read, some people dont seem to be able to get these down. It's also interesting to see that you are still having nice meals!

  2. Unreal posting, Tully. I often wonder what other people eat and so many of these things sound yum.. I would happily eat any of this. Thanks again!!

  3. I'm like you-- a bandster who can eat anything. I've gotten into the habit just having a scoop of protein powder with my coffee. Simple and I start the day off with 30 grams of protein.

  4. Brooke's idea is a goody! A protein shake is a great way to start the day. You can get iced coffee flavour too so you might trick yourself into thinking you're not actually eating breakky! Lol..

    Doing well chikka!



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