Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Skinny Jeans

In my excitement of getting under 100 kilos this week I decided to get cocky and try on my skinny jeans. I bought these jeans the last time I got under 100 kilos and have never worn them because they never fit and then I promptly gained 30 kilos and they sure as hell didn't fit after that!

So I dug them out of the back of my closet and hoped that they might now miraculously slide on over my thighs and hips. No such luck... There was not just a muffin top, there was a 3 tier wedding cake above my waist band!

Check out the gap between the button and the hole, this isn't going to happen over night!

I tried to do them up but I just didn't have the strength.

They are size 20 from Jeans West, but because I carry all my weight around my belly (classic apple shape), getting jeans to fit is almost impossible. If they fit my belly, they will be too big in the butt and legs. Sigh. Hopefully this problem will lessen as I lose weight.

So, as AJ said, why the fuck would you want to post a photo of your gut hanging out of your jeans?! Well, I have a lot of clothes that used to be too small and now fit great, but I struggle to believe that they were ever too small. My head won't believe that I have really lost weight and I think that whatever I am wearing must have always fit me. The mind plays so many tricks when you lose weight. So now I have it on record that these jeans don't fit me, and when they do fit me in the next couple of months (fingers crossed), I can look back and see how far I have come.


  1. You are very brave. I am sure you will get into those jeans one day, keep up the great work.

  2. Okay, so you might not quite be able to do the jeans up yet, but seriously, you are looking absolutely bloody amazing!! Look at your collarbones!

  3. I love how happy you look in these photos :)

  4. I had a pair of size 16 Jeans West jeans that were identical to the ones you are wearing and bit by bit, they went up over my thighs and also bit by bit finally did up! If I can do it, so can you!!! I look forward to seeing the comparison pic in a bit. :)

  5. Oh wow you are so close to getting into them!!!! It will happen!!!

  6. I think you are doing great, and I am sure you could have gotten these jeans to do up if you had lain on your back and used a wire coat hanger to yank the zip up . . . lol!

    YOu said
    "If they fit my belly, they will be too big in the butt and legs. Sigh. Hopefully this problem will lessen as I lose weight."

    I wish I could encourage you here, but I can't

    I'm apple shaped and jeans never fit me. My waist is currently 34 inches, and my hips are 33 inches. I need jeans in a (UK) size 16 and then a size 8. Neither fits.

    If jeans fit my waist then they are so baggy round my behind it looks like I am wearing a diaper.

    If jeans fit my hips then I struggle to breathe with how tight they are round my waist.

    I guess the only real answer is a tummy tuck - but so far I've not had the courage to do that.

    You look great - and I love the honesty on your blog


  7. You're doing really well, Tully -- as others have said above me, you are looking great, and the main thing is you are looking happy. You'll storm through your goal in no time.

  8. I totally 'get' why you wanted to post those photos! GO YOU!!!

  9. i'm so pleased about your progress.

    soon those jeans will be too big.

    patience grasshopper!!!

    big hugs and a tongue pash!
    kitty xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  10. I think I have those jeans in size 18! They don't fit me, either (and I'm further from fitting mine than you are)- maybe I should work towards getting into them. I could do them up when I arrived in the UK in May last year, but I've piled on the weight since then. You look fabulous- and so happy, it's fantastic :) xoxo

  11. You would be pretty if.. you lost some weight? You are already beautiful and you have a real glow to you and a lovely smile.

    Good on you for posting the pictures. Can't wait to see the pics when they fit. I'm sure it won't be too long until they do.

  12. I have the same reaction when I finally fit into my smaller's like I won't give myself credit for the discipline and sacrifice I've shown to get me into them.

    You are so beautiful and radiant! And look at those collarbones!

  13. Oh, how well I understand your last paragraph. It's always a mindblower for me: these are my legs, they've always been my legs, why do they fit into something now, but didn't then? It does seem like a smoke & mirrors illusion. Taking pictures is a good idea.

  14. The jeans may not fit but you look great!

  15. I have jeans like this too. Mine dont fit over my thighs yet they are a size 16 roxy which I haver never got into.

    I'll post photos like yours when I get mine up that far. At the moment it would just be a bad joke LOL. (Maybe that's why I should post them)


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