Sunday, November 01, 2009

November Weigh In

Well my 1st of November weigh in went a lot better than I was expecting and I think it has a little to do with all the alcohol I have consumed over the past 3 days that has left me a little dehydrated. Hey, whatever works in getting those numbers on the scale down... ;-)

November 1st Weigh In: 101.5 kilos (223 lbs)
Weight Lost In October: 4 kilos (8.8 lbs)
Total Weight Lost: 28.2 kilos (62 lbs)

I am close to reaching two major milestones, getting under 100 kilos and losing 30 kilos. This is the time that I often drop the ball and get comfortable so I need to be extra focused over the coming months. Now will be the time when I'll see if getting the lap band will not only help me to keep this weight off, but also continue to lose more weight.

I am really nervous about the month ahead though because I have a lot of travel for work (Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Canberra) and a lot of work lunches and dinners. I think I could comfortably maintain if I make sensible choices and try and fit in exercise at the hotel gym, but I don't want to just maintain, I want to blast my way under 100 kilos before summer. So this is going to take some supreme effort, but I know I can do it.

OK, I am going to get to the gym before it closes and get a head start on my December weigh in!


  1. Oooh you are so close to that hundred I bet you can taste it! You are doing so well - four kilos in a month is awesome (and I'm a little envious lol but in a great way!)
    You're coming to Perth? Would be so cool if we could meet (one bandster to another) but you're probably fly in fly out with no room to breath! Happy travelling. :)

  2. Haven't been by for a while and what an amazing post to break the drought with. 30 Kilos is brilliant and you are so close to 100 it's sniffable!

    Unreal doll, you must feel incredible.

    *sigh* to think we were going to be doing this together. Heck, now that I'm not getting married in April I'll still be able to in Feb. !

  3. fantastic progress, i'm so pleased for you babe


  4. Congrat's on an awesome loss for the month!

    You must be so excited to almost be under 100kg :)

    Do you find it hard to stick to monthly weigh-in's?

  5. Awesome loss girl! Keep up the great work :) I'm sure you will crack those goals next month!

  6. Congrats on a great result this month! November should see you smash both those goals - you rock!

  7. Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and I had to message you because not only have I never come across another girl called Tully before, but we also seem to have similar tastes in movies, music and books.


  8. Great update! Anyone who updates with a weight loss is a hero...good work. Next stop 100kilo mark. You can do it!!

  9. Woohoo!!! Omg you are kicking my arse girlly! I can't weight (had to do that) to hear you are into the double didgets! What an awesome summer youa re going to have.

    When are you in Sydney? Do you have a place to stay?

  10. Tully! You are doing incredible. Keep up the great work!

  11. Kickin ass and taking names!!

    Great job girl, keep it up! Dontcha love meeting goals? Soon you will be burning thru your "To Do" list in no time...

    You Can Do It!

  12. I haven't been around in a while - stuck in baby-land, sorry.

    Well done you!

    And in that last pic you posted with the friend's newborn you look fabulous ;-).

  13. Dang, Tully! So close to the hundie! And being in double digits! That's awesome :) Congratulations.


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