Friday, November 13, 2009

Every Calorie Counts

I secretly stepped on the scales before I jetted off to Auckland because I just wanted a sneak peak on how my weight was doing and I was THRILLED to see that I weighed exactly 100 kilos. So that meant I just had to do ok this week and lose a few hundred grams and I would be under 100 kilos for the first time in ages.

Suffice to say, I haven't had the best week. I have made a lot of bad choices, but I have made some good choices too, so I am not going to be too hard on myself. I have kept my exercise up and I went to the supermarket and bought some healthy food for meals and snacks. So I have limited the damage and it makes me happy to know that I always maintain some sense of control over my eating these days.

Since I started this whole thing in April this year, I can honestly say that I have never felt completely out of control of my eating. I have eaten a lot of things I probably shouldn't have, but that is just life and I love food and that is never going to change.

I know a lot of bloggers have inspirational sayings and motto's they follow that help keep them on track (check out Tania's from Sunday). I accidentally started my own little mantra over the past 6 months. Often in the past I would go out for dinner or drinks and then come home and eat more- because I had already gone off plan. Now I just repeat to myself that every calorie counts. So, I don't have to finish every meal, I don't have to eat dessert just because everyone else is or finish a bottle of wine because there is only one glass left-- because every calorie counts. So this week when I have made some bad choices with food and I questioned if I should still bother going to the gym or if I should just eat another chocolate bar, I just told myself that every calorie counts and kept going. I'm like a broken record, but it has really helped me.

Here's to getting under 100 next week...


  1. I didn't exactly meet up with you at the healthiest location either - sorry for not being helpful! Was good to see you.

    (and don't forget our little deal...! By the end of the year!)

  2. Yay!!! Good for you! You are right, every calorie does count! I have learned slowly that I can push my plate away at any time. Have a great week!

  3. I have a similar saying - "My body is not a garbage bin". I don't have to finish it just because it's there and it's probably better off the garbage bin than in body if I'm not hungry!

  4. Fantastic saying!! Love it.. and congrats on hitting that 100 kilo mark.. this is exciting news.

  5. congrats on the milestone tulls you are an inspiration and a very sweet girl. i loooooove yooooooou.


  6. Congrats sweet must feel pretty good. Keep going you will get there!

  7. Hmmm maybe I need to get a mantra!

    I'm new to your blog and have a lot of catching up to do but allow me to say hello and introduce myself.



  8. I leave notes for myself all over reminding myself of things that are important to me like exercise or not eating junk just for the sake of eating junk. And it totally works!

    Congrats on your success so far! Wow..

  9. Good luck with breaking 100kg - I know it was a huge psychological barrier for me!


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