Monday, January 17, 2011

Accentuate The Positive

I am still really not feeling 2011, it is just not exciting me right now. It doesn’t help that January is one of my most hated months, it just feels so weird. So many of my favourite little shops and cafes stay closed for the holidays until the middle of January, a lot of people are off work for most of the month (especially when you work at a university), it can be disgustingly hot and all that’s on TV is freaking cricket and tennis. All these things make me grumpy.

While I am being gloomy, guess what else pisses me off about this year so far? Feeling fat because none of my clothes fit me after gaining a stack of Christmas weight, having a miserable, boring job and being on a strict budget. It’s funny how when you’re feeling a bit down, it’s so easy for everything to look bleak. I am really trying to focus on the small things that make me happy right now…

I have never been a breakfast person, but I decided to try incorporating it into my day to help give me more energy. I tried muesli for the first time ever last week and I am now a devoted convert. I don’t drink milk, hence why I don’t eat cereal, but I had it with natural yoghurt and a sliced banana and it is amazing. I make it at work and eat it with a cup of tea while reading blogs and it is blissful.

Going on long walks around the Maribyrnong river near my apartment. It’s so much nicer to be outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air than in a boring gym on the treadmill.

Spending my lunch breaks reading in the park across from my office. It makes such a difference to my day to walk away from my computer for half an hour.

Every Sunday I try to make a couple of dishes to get me through the start of the week. This week is was a prosciutto, spinach and caramelised onion quiche and a roasted vegetable and chickpea salad. I also HIGHLY recommend that you try this fruit ‘soft serve’. I made it last night and it was amazing and zero points for you Weight Watchers! I added some natural yoghurt for extra protein, I also plan to try adding things like caramel, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter and different kinds of yoghurt. I am hooked!

Job Applications
OK, so those key selection criteria are tedious to write, but the promise of a new shiny job is just so exciting.

Quiet Time
I am spending less time and energy with people that I don’t like so much, so that I can spend more quiet time at home and more time with my friends and family I do love. It’s so hard to say no to people, but so worth it. I feel so much calmer already.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Tully.
    I know what you mean about January being a wee bit of an hasn't helped that we've been having what seems like post-apocalyptic weather in Melbourne of late! Glad that you're looking on the bright side of things - so important!
    Georgia :)

  2. I'm with you for my hate of January.. All my closest are away or on holidays whilst I've already come back to work. Thanks for the cooking list :) and also thankyou for the comment on my blog calling me an honest blogger. It was very hard to post that pic of my weigh in - see u soon.

  3. Yummo! I'll be making that soft serve tonight. Agree with you 100% regarding January. I find it hard to be excited about anything at this time of year.


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