Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Plan Is This...

Well, as predicted, I haven’t done too well with the optifast. I am sure everyone is just shocked as I am! I did the first day OK and then went out for dinner that night for chinese food and drank a bottle of wine. Then yesterday I had a big extended family lunch at a winery and obviously drank quite a lot of wine and then came home and ate macaroni and cheese and potato gems. Best meal ever I must say!

I am back on board today, even though it is my first day back at work, which is excruciatingly painful. I’ll probably try and do a shake for breakfast, bar for lunch and then low carb (protein and salad) for dinner. That seems realistic for me at the moment, but let’s be honest, it could all come crashing down at any moment…

In other diet related news, I have to confess that AJ and I both have a nasty fast food habit and so we have set ourselves a challenge to cut back drastically for 2011. Aside from the health issues, we just spend way too much money on eating out and my finances are a disaster. So the challenge is this:

1. No fast food- but we get 3 free passes. This is mostly just for the inevitable time that I really need a cheeseburger to fix my hangover, so that I don’t give up completely because I have stuffed up.
(Fast food includes: McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster)

2. Eat take away food only once per month- hopefully getting a Thai takeaway and a bottle of wine will become more a treat and not just a typical Monday evening.

3. Go out for dinner only once per month- this means just AJ and I alone, we can still go out with family and friends aside from this, or else we would have no social life.

That is going to be really difficult for me because currently we would go to a restaurant and get a take away and eat fast food at least once a week each. I find that with my lap band it doesn’t have to be a problem for the waistline, but meanwhile my wallet is crying out for help.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.


  1. Good Luck! We have said the same thing gotta try and cut out this take out business.

  2. Oooh good luck! Great idea to build in some 'free passes'. This post makes me so happy to be veggo - I really don't think I could cope if I had Maccas/KFC to deal with on top of everything else. There's only so much damage that can be done with chips and potato and gravy ;-)

  3. 3 free passes in what time period?

    I have never tried potato gems... I think because I know I will be in love with them :)

    My man & I just had the convo today of eating out less... We never have takeaway, but eat out at least twice a week.

  4. Good luck! I think it's a really good idea though, it's amazing how much wasted money goes in to eating out...

  5. Good luck!

    And dont worry about the Optifast. Its a hard program to follow - BUT that said: you will do it when you are totally ready :)

  6. Your plan sounds like a very good one, hopefully you won't have any difficulty seeing it through. It's good when eating out or ordering delicious takeaway can be a treat rather than a routine :)

  7. Good Luck!!

    I haven't really thought about it, but I have actually lost interest in 'fast food'. I much prefer to eat out and get something tasty and healthier :o) Lets hope you loose the taste for it too!

  8. I was giggling at all your eating out. I so get that....... YUM!!!!

    It is a bit tragic on the hip pocket though isn't it. You'll have to get into the kitchen & try to re-create some of your fave dining out experiences - they'd have to be healthier!!

    good luck with all this challenge :0)

    PS my fave hangover food is home oven fries with perrinase sauce (usually whatever mayo & chilli sauce we have in the fridge!)

  9. Oh you can do it! Reading that reminds me of the amazing job you did not too long ago when you put a huge dent in your credit card debt - that just proves what you can do with the right level of determination!

    As to Optifast - I take my hat off to you for even trying - I don't think I would last past the first meal. Hope your first day back at work wasn't too bad.

  10. Last year, we had to stop eating out and we did it cold turkey. I had to!

    Our whole family ate out 3 times a day/7 days a week, it was that bad. Can you imagine what it was doing to our financial state?

    You can do it too! Go to the grocery store and start cooking up some marvelous meals, you'll be glad you did.

    Good luck, I'll be checking back soon.



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