Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Fond Farewell to 2010

I have to confess that I am struggling to get on board with being excited for 2011. I had such a great 2010 that I find it hard to believe that 2011 will compare.

Please indulge me while I go over just a few of my favourite moments from each month of 2010...

In Januaryquit the job I hated.

In February I finally got my drivers licence and a little car.

In March I left for a 3 month holiday around Canada, USA and Mexico.

In April we celebrated AJ's 30th birthday by flying to the Grand Canyon and then partying in Las Vegas.

In May I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of my lap band in the Napa Valley sipping champagne and watching my favourite singer, Lisa Loeb, perform.

In June I spent a week in a luxurious resort in Mexico, followed by a week with all my family in Tofino (Canada) before returning home to Melbourne.

In July I spent 2 weeks in New Zealand doing a freelance job and then a relaxing few days with some blogger friends in Canberra eating, drinking, talking and having fun.

In August I returned to the real world and got a new apartment and a job in Melbourne. Sigh.

In September I headed to Bali for a week for a friend's wedding

In October I was very sick and I have no photos because I was too sick to do anything but sleep.

In November I finally celebrated losing 50 kilos, getting into the 70's and fitting into 'normal' shops clothing.

In December I turned 30 and spent a blissful couple of weeks celebrating my birthday, Christmas and New Years.

I honestly wish I could do it all again. 2010 was the best year of my life!


  1. Wow, what an amazing, amazing year!
    thanks for sharing. You will always have the fabulous memories!!

  2. Even though I followed you all year, it is amazing to see it all in one post. You achieved so much and how could you not have fun with all that travel!
    You have really inspired me and I hope 2011 is a year for me like 2010 was for you, as there are some similarities.
    That being said, there is more to come... you said it was the best year of your life, but that is "so far".

  3. Just wanted to say I think you look great and hope 2011 is even better

  4. WOW! And I thought I had a good 2010. Amazing. Loved the transformation you look great!

  5. Wow how cool! You travelled so much and had so many great moments - I'm sure 2011 will bring more for you though. You look so pretty in your photos too!

  6. I have been following you all year and I must say it has been amazing to sit back and watch. I hope 2011 is even better for you!

  7. Are you & AJ a couple? Or just flatmates/friends?

  8. Awww what an amazing year you had!! Do you think if someone told you a few years ago you would be doing all of that in 2010 you would have believed them? :-)

    I think it would be hard to top your amazing year but I'm sure 2011 will be a brilliant adventure for you all the same :-) And I'm looking forward to sharing it!

  9. You certainly did have an awesome year chick.
    I hope 2011 is just as much fun.

  10. Yes - thanks for sharing your beautiful & adventurous year! While 2011 may not bring as many exciting travels as 2010 I am sure it will be equally brilliant & rewarding for you!!!! Bring it on! xoxox

  11. OMG it does sound and look like a fantastic year! I hope 2011 is equally as amazing!

  12. Yep that year is going to be hard to top but give it a try...

    All the best for 2011.

  13. WOW. what an amazing travel filled year!! I hope 2011 is equally as amazing for you :)

  14. Yep - U r right, that is going to be mighty hard to top!


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