Monday, January 03, 2011

Summer Holidays

I'm back at work tomorrow after two and a half weeks off work and oh god it hurts. I had such a fabulous time with family and friends. Eating all my favourite foods, drinking my favourite wines, sleeping late, going on adventures. I wish every day could be so lovely...

Getting outrageously drunk with a friend where we lamented how old and boring we are by getting so drunk I woke up on a tram in Brunswick and had no idea where I was or how I got there. I also lost my gorgeous new jacket and had a 4 day hang over. Ouch.

Beautiful birthday flowers from AJ's family.

 My gran with my brother and his girlfriend, did I tell you they moved back from Canada a few months ago?

Birthday presents!

My Victoria's Secret present, very luxurious!

Gorgeous birthday flowers from a dear blogging friend, Kenz.

Me having a picnic at the zoo, I think I was happier than I look here...

The picnic spread, all my favourite foods, cheese, olives and salami.

AJ snoozing in the sun at the zoo.

Me posing at the zoo.

My favourite animals, the echindas, love them.

Lovely birthday flowers from my dad and step mum.

Me on the way to dinner for my birthday.

AJ posing while walking to dinner.

Me drinking cocktails for my birthday dinner at Cutler & Co.

Dessert, decadent, delicious.

Yay for being skinny enough to pinch AJ's jacket when it's cold!

Christmas Day feast at my mum's, with a photo of my little brother and his girlfriend who are still living in Canada.

My older brother's girlfriend by the Christmas tree at my mum's.

Boxing day with my dad and step mum at their place in the country.

The fire where my dad cooked the turkey, love the inukshuk's they built after inspiration from their Canada trip!

Love having my band loose enough to be able to eat a steak sandwich from Grill'd! OK, so I still only ate a third of it, but it's great being able to get it down.

Every night we weren't out, me and AJ ordered take away and drank wine and watch Judd Apatow movies at home. This is my happy place!

The delicious peanut butter chocolate ripple cake I made. Orgasmic.

AJ bought me an iphone for my birthday and I am loving playing with the apps!

Here's AJ's new look!

Having a picnic at Daylesford.

Walking the picnic food off after lunch.

Fish and chips at the beach in Torquay.

It was 43 degrees C (110 F) in Torquay, so of course we went swimming, the water was so refreshing.

Opening up the champers for a glamourous NYE in my pyjamas at home with a Jason Priestly movie.

AJ kicking back on the couch on NYE.

Happy New Year!

New Years Day walk around the river, I was hung over and feeling sick from eating cake for breakfast, so it wasn't as healthy as it seems.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Good times! sorry about the 4 day hangover ..ouch!

  2. I love this post. It's all happy and shiny - you look totally gorgeous xx Happy New Year and see you soon.

  3. I love this post too, the photos show some fabulous time. Love all the fresh flowers you got for your birthday.

  4. repeat Cinders!!!

    love all the pic's - glad you've had a super fun break!!! Cheers!!!! XO

  5. I love the pics in this one - you look so ridiculously chilled out and happy! Not having to go to work suits you :-)

    ps. Peanut butter chocolate ripple cake?! OMG...

  6. I agree with B -- not going to work clearly suits you! You should work from home instead!

    You look so happy, and of course are looking fantastic, in your pics. Looks like a great summer holiday, even if you ignore how silly it is to have Christmas in the summer ;)


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