Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Oh my god, another cold Melbourne winter and it is killing me!

Cold wintry day at work

I thought when I was fat the summers were bad, but it is nothing in comparison to the pain of the cold winters now. My body still hasn't adjusted to the weight loss and it is literally painful to be so cold to the core all the time. The science of being colder after weight loss is all explained here, so I am hoping it is not just all in my head.

The worst bit is that I feel like I am constantly complaining about the cold. I have turned into one of those whingers that has to go on and on about how cold she is all the time. I can hear myself whining and I want to stop, but I just seem to keep going on and on... I am tedious to be around. I am aware that I have even complained about this on my blog previously, but it isn't getting any better.

So I have taken drastic measures to try and be more comfortable (apart from just pumping my heater 24/7 at home).

Firstly, I have purchased an electric blanket to keep over me at work. My workplace keeps the temperatures quite cold for 'environmental' reasons and I just can't bare it so I have snuck in a heated blanket that keeps me toasty all day. This thing has changed my life!

Bought from here
The other thing I purchased was woolen gloves with touch screen pads on the fingers so I can wear them on the tram to work, but still read blogs and twitter on my phone. Genius!

Bought from here

The main thing keeping me going right now is thoughts of this resort in Thailand where I bought a voucher for a 5 night stay for me, AJ, my brother and sister-in-law. We are not actually going until March next year, but it gives me something to dream about in the mean time.


  1. i'm always cold and have always complained about it. come to find out, i've just been diagnosed with severe anemia. never knew it but always felt like the old lady in the room always complaining about the freeeeeeezing temperatures in the room.

    and those gloves are freaking awesome!!!

  2. Gah I'm freezing my ass off in Geelong too.
    I haven't even lost weight lol, you poor thing you must be really feeling it!

  3. The resort looks beautiful. I would be laughed off the site if they found an electric blanket under my desk. Great idea though and love the gloves.

  4. I hear ya! I reckon this Winter in Melbourne is one of the worst I've experienced - just so bitterly cold! I guess it's kinda good that we're no longer in drought!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!