Monday, July 16, 2012


I just had the most relaxing weekend I have had in a very long time. The best part is that I didn't even de-rail my weight loss attempts by pigging out for the entire weekend! So instead of feeling bloated, tired and hung over, I actually feel relaxed, re-energised and happy.

My old best friend from high school, Katie, and I went to Daylesford for the weekend and I thought it would end up being a bit decadent because we both like to have a drink and enjoy food a lot (massive understatement). When we got there I asked her how she felt about us trying to keep things a bit healthy and she was all for the idea. She has been doing the 12 week body transformation and has already lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks so she was completely on board for a fun, but healthy, weekend.

So we decided that we would keep up with our exercise, be as healthy as possible for the weekend and allow ourselves one treat meal on Saturday night with some wine, cheese and chocolate. Saturday afternoon we had a 90 minute hot stone massage (best massage of my life) and then settled back into our villa for a relaxing night of movies and treats. What an amazing day!

I have known Katie for about 20 years now, so we feel completely comfortable around each other. We cooked in our villa, gossiped about boys and watched all our favourite movies from the 90's. We walked and talked, we shopped for clothes and constantly expressed our strong desire to eat a tray of brownies. It was just like being 14 years old again. We decided it will be an annual event and I already can't wait until next year!

Outside our gorgeous spa villa

Along the way on our early morning walk

Katie showing how great we felt about getting up early to walk instead of sleeping in

Delicious Tuscan bean soup for lunch

A visit to the Chocolate Mill to select some treats for later that night

A well deserved treat meal and bottle of wine in front of the fire


  1. So so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like an awesome weekend :0)

    .....despite the footy score :0(

  2. What a wonderful sounding weekend!! =D

  3. What's Cat talking about, the footy score was the highlight.... I love the chocolate mill choccies

  4. Wow! Looks like the best weekend ever! Glad you had fun!

  5. Sounds like a blast!! so glad you had fun! xoxo

  6. What a perfectly balanced weekend. You had a healthy fun time but with some treats. A great way to live! Well done.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!