Tuesday, July 03, 2012

To Fill or Not to Fill

What to do, what to do....

A few weeks ago I had a fill in my lap band that left me struggling to get water down, let alone food. Over the course of the past few weeks it has very slowly settled down and I am able to each much more. It is still tighter than I would prefer during the day and I have random days where food doesn't want to go down, but I can still eat quite a bit at night.

I am booked in to see my doctor this Saturday morning and I am faced with the same old problem...

Get fill removed
  • More likely to binge eat at night
  • Increased hunger during the day
  • More likely to obsess over food

Get fill added
  • Likely to not be able to eat many solid foods during the day
  • Near impossible to eat out at restaurants/socialise like a normal person
  • Struggle to get my nutrients in and my aneamia and B12 deficiency worsens
I was all set on having fill removed and now I am actually leaning toward having a very small bit of fill added. I figure that if I am going to endure the annoyance of having a lap band, it would be good if it actually helped me to lose weight. I have never gone above this current fill level and maybe if I do I will hit that magical place that lap banders talk about where I don't feel hungry all day and think about food.

I am pretty confused about it all and I am thinking that I might just cancel my appointment until I know what the hell to do. What would you do?



  1. I'd advise against getting more added to the band! I've been overly tight severaly times, to the point where I would vomit up bile. It was really painful and unpleasant and I would be in tears because I was in so much pain. You seem to be too tight at the moment and your doctor would be crazy to add more!

  2. I would say definitely don't add more! If the band is settling down then maybe leave it for a week or two and see if you can find a happy(-ier)medium. You may be struggling getting food down now but you can still get it down at night so you're not going foodless. When you say you're eating more at night, do you mean you're eating more crap at night? I think that's more a head issue, not one your band can fix, and adding more fill will just make you more miserable the other times. I wouldn't take any out because it is settling, and you do binge when you don't have the band. For now, avoid all the frustration of the visit and cancel the appointment, you don't need them making you feel bad for something that won;t help you either way.

  3. I also agree, don't add any more. I actually find I do better when I'm not so tight I can't eat properly because I tend to eat healthier foods rather than taking lots of liquid calories when my band is too tight.

    Regarding your anaemia, have you had it checked out? I was anaemic too and it was totally affecting my life. I got an iron infusion two months ago and it has changed everything! See my latest post about it if you want more info: http://www.babblingbandit.me/2012/07/google-is-smarter-than-my-doctor.html



Awww thanks so much for the comment!