Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Weigh In- 20 July

Start: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Last week: 82.8 kilos (182 lbs)
Today: 82.1 kilos (180.5 lbs)
Loss: - 0.7 kilos (1.5 lb)
Total: -5.4 kilos (11.8 lbs)

I am really happy with my loss this week, losing 0.7 kilos (1.5 lbs) is a great loss for me. I worked really hard for this loss so it feels especially satisfying. Once again I kept my calories under 1000 every day (except last Saturday night when I went a little over with my indulgence) and I exercised every day. Having my foot fixed has just been fantastic for getting me motivated to work out because I just really appreciate being able to move freely again.

I have to say that lately this whole diet thing has been feeling easier. After all the drama of initially being over-filled, I think the fill in my lap band has settled into a great place and I have a good restriction. After more than 3 years with a lap band I finally think I might have hit the ever-elusive green zone for the first time. I am not starving all the time anymore and I feel quite satisfied after eating a small portion. I haven't been getting anything stuck and I can eat a variety of foods. I must say that I am probably more restricted on the foods I can eat than I would normally prefer, but I am in a good headspace to deal with that at the moment.

There have been times when I have wanted to give up on the lap band, but I am pleased I have persevered because I can really feel it working now. I finally understand this whole satisfaction thing I have heard other people talking about! Of course I still have days when my head does not want to work with the band and it wants to eat a box of chocolates... but we all have to deal with our cravings and emotions and I know the band won't help there. I am just trying really hard to be positive at the moment and I think it has really helped with the way I manage the band and my eating.

I feel really grateful lately that I have never had any band complications. It seems like lately almost every day I have read a lap band blog or forum with someone having major complications with their band and having it removed. I have bitched a lot about the lap band and how hard I have found it to manage but I am so grateful that my band hasn't had any problems (touch wood). I really feel for the people I have read about (and a couple I know in real life) who have had to struggle through pain and frustration with the band and then ultimately have it removed. It just sounds horrific.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself...


  1. I'm so happy for you - you're doing really well. I forgot to get back to you about the slim pasta, you were right about the bolognese sauce. It felt like a massive pig out but without the high carbs and the packet was plenty for both nick and I. See u soon x

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! keep up the hard work. One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.


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