Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Moving

A common theme on this blog is me complaining about how much I hate exercise and how I wish I could get skinny without working out (oh and eating ice cream too). So far, the one and only exercise I enjoy is pilates, but then my instructor changed and I didn't like the new person and I haven't found another class I like. I joined a gym late last year (for the millionth time) and, like all other gym memberships I have had, I decided I hated it after a few months.

So when I started my Final 15 challenge I knew I needed to find a way to move my body if I wanted to get the kilos off. The most important thing for me with exercise is that it has to be convenient. I know that I just won't do it if it won't fit in with my life. So I racked my brain and came up with the most obvious answer in the world. Go for a walk. Genius!

So every night after dinner AJ and I have been going for a brisk half hour walk. I know half an hour doesn't sound like an intense work out, but that is the point, it is do-able. It doesn't matter how busy or tired I am, I can pretty much always find half an hour for a walk. Not only that, AJ and I love having a chance to have a good chat while we walk, away from the TV, iPad and iPhones that tend to keep us distracted.

There are some nights when I am not going to be home until too late for a walk or AJ is away at a conference and I don't want to walk in the dark on my own, so on those days I find the time to do a workout DVD at home. I like The Biggest Loser DVD I have because it requires absolutely no coordination at all and Bob makes it very easy to follow along and keep up. I get a good workout and it's only 25 minutes-- which is perfect for someone like me who would much rather be having fun than exercising!

The last thing I am doing is taking advantage of the insomnia I have been struck with and getting up early to do strength training. I have always preferred doing strength work than cardio workouts so this is not much of a chore for me. I have a little set that my brother and his wife bought me that is a fitball, 2 kg weights and an exercise band. I can do heaps of different exercises with these each morning while I watch the morning shows before work.

So that is how I am making exercise work for me right now, I might hate it next month, but this is how I am currently conquering my exercise demons.

Me getting ready for a walk

My Biggest Loser workout DVD

My fitball, weights and band set


  1. Go You! For someone that hates exercising you're doing a great job. The morning exercises with the ball etc is fantastic. I'm a big believer in loving your exercise and having a walking partner is even better.

  2. Ditto Cinders!!!! Love your work :0)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!