Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 Week Challenge

That is it. I have decided I need to focus.

I have been fucking around at about the same weight for over a year now and I need to do something. I have set myself a 10 week challenge to lose at least 10 kilo's.

For 10 weeks I am going to increase my exercise, eat healthier and make weight loss my focus. I am going to stop being lazy, stop making excuses and just do this.

Start Day: Tuesday 13th March 2007
End Day: Tuesday 22nd May 2007


  1. Good on you for starting a challenge to keep yourself focused!

    Though - and I don't mean to pour cold water on your idea - are you being a bit unreasonable on yourself by expecting to lose 10kg in those 10 weeks? I would probably suggest that you at least halve that to 5kg so that you have an attainable goal, especially considering your achilles problem (but hey, if you feel that 10kg is right for you, then go right ahead and ignore me!)

    If you want help sticking to your challenge, you're more than welcome to join us on Push And Be Pushed, and we'll give you all of the pushing along that you need :-D

    Good luck to ya!

  2. Like Marshmallow said ... don't be too hard on yourself.... any loss is still a great effort .... 10 in 10 is hard but definately doable.
    Good luck ....

  3. Good for you for setting a challenge! You're totally motivating me to do the same! (Except, you know, I'm an ignorant American and don't know how much 10 kg is! haha)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!